Stock Car Spin's All Star Race Winner Prediction

As you all know, Saturday night marks the 25th annual NASCAR All Star Race. Obviously, just as they do every year, the media and fans alike are speculating as to who might win the big race. So we figured we would join in ourselves.

So who does Stock Car Spin believe will win the 25th annual All Star Race? I could tell you straight up, but that would be too easy. I’m going to make you work to find out who we believe will break the bank. Unless of course, you’d like to just glance down and look. But it would be much appreciated if you took the time to read the irrelevant stuff.

So, who to choose, who to choose? We could have gone with last year’s winner, Kasey Kahne. No, that would have been all to easy. Ooh, what about Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, or Carl Edwards? No, those are the guys everybody else will be picking. We like to go our own way. Mark Martin? Maybe, but no. Jeff Gordon? Tony Stewart? No, and no. Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Uh, no.

Instead, we decided to go with somebody who isn’t even in the event yet? Kasey Kahne won it last year with the Fan Vote, and Ryan Newman raced his way into the event back in 2002 and won. So, we went with somebody who isn’t in the All Star Race yet. But who?

If you will recall, here at Stock Car Spin I recently wrote an article on 4 drivers I believe people should be keeping an eye on. One of them raced his way into the All Star Race last year. That was Sam Hornish Jr. One of them hasn’t finished outside the top 20 since Texas. That was Reed Sorenson. One of them isn’t even from this hemisphere. That was Marcos Ambrose. That only leaves the driver that Stock Car Spin believes will win the All Star Race. His name is Joey Logano.

Yes, we at Stock Car Spin believe that Joey Logano will win the All Star Race because he can finally go out there and not have to worry about wrecking the car. The All Star Race will allow Logano to show off his incredible ability to drive a race car in, not one, but two events. He won the Toyota All Star Showdown out in Irwindale back in January only to have it stripped away due to aggressive driving. I believe NASCAR may be a little more lenient here. And I believe that Joey Logano will showcase his talents and win Saturday night’s All Star Race.

Who do you believe will win Saturday night’s showdown?

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