Why Danica Patrick Should Not Join NASCAR

 Between the annual Indianapolis 500 being less than 24 hours away, and Danica Patrick’s contract with her Indycar team, Andretti-Green Racing, expiring after the end of the season, rumors are once again swirling as to whether or not Patrick will indeed jump over to NASCAR in 2010.

 My response: Gosh, I hope not.

 Before I proceed, I would like to say that the reason I hope she does not join NASCAR has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman. I was one of those who hoped Erin Crocker would make it in NASCAR, and I would have no problem seeing somebody like Mike Wallace’s daughter, Crissy Wallace, or ARCA star Alli Owens make it in NASCAR. But, if a woman is to make it in NASCAR, I do not think it will be Danica.

 No matter what happens, if Danica Patrick does come to NASCAR, it probably won’t end well. Here are the three basic scenarios for if Danica Patrick were to join NASCAR:

 What if she fails miserably: No offense, Danica, but this is the most likely scenario. If Danica Patrick gets into NASCAR, and it turns out that the races are way too long for her compared to the sprints she runs in the Indycars(which will probably happen), or she can’t handle the much heavier CoTs(which will probably happen), any fans the sport may have gained due to due the hype around Danica will leave in droves, and take others with them. Not to mention that Patrick’s credibility as a driver will shrink drastically.

 What if she does okay: Then, folks, we would have another Dale Earnhardt Jr. on our hands. I am, by no means, trying to take any shots at anyone here; just stating facts. Both drivers are, by far, the most popular in their respective division of racing. But have either one earned it on the track? Dale Jr. is popular because of his father, and Danica is popular because she is a woman. Fans already feel that both are overrated. Since Danica’s rookie season in 2005, the two have combined to earn a grand total of 4 wins. If NASCAR fans already dislike Earnhardt Jr. because they think he’s overrated, can you imagine having two of them on the same track, at the same time?

 What if she succeeds: Why do fans hate Jeff Gordon? Because of the way his head swelled up when he won, and the way he cried like a baby when he lost. In other words, the same reason people hate Kyle Busch today. Now, I don’t know what Patrick acts like when she wins; I haven’t seen that very much. But when she loses, it ain’t pretty. Remember the cat-fight with Milka Duno? Or the infield temper-tantrum at Michigan? She would turn NASCAR into a joke. We already have a Jeff Gordon, and a Kyle Busch. Do we really need another one?

You see, no matter what happens, if Danica Patrick joins NASCAR, it cannot end well. If another female driver wants to race in NASCAR, be our guest. But please, anyone but Danica Patrick.

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