Stock Car Spin Gets A Fantasy Racing Game!

Exciting news for Stock Car Spin fans!, the host site for Stock Car Spin, and 365 Fantasy Sports have teamed up to create a new, free fantasy racing game.

The game is called Stock Car Spin Freeroll. To play, all you have to do is go to, create an account on the site for free, go to contests and scroll down until you find Stock Car Spin Freeroll, and enter the word spin into the registration code section. You will then be able to play against other fans, as well as Yours Truly!

Stock Car Spin Freeroll is a weekly game, meaning points will not carry over from week to week. That means it’s all about winning! Oh yeah, and having fun.

How to play the game is simple. You need only to select 1 driver you think will do well in qualifying that week, and 8 other drivers you think will perform well, while staying under a $500 salary cap. For instance, if you think Carl Edwards has a shot at the Pole this week at Dover, you’d pick him as your qualifier. If you think Matt Kenseth will win, you’d pick him as any driver, 1-7. Your driver 8 isn’t expected to perform well, but costs much less than someone like Kenseth. But, be careful who you select as Driver 8. Make sure he’s on the entry list for that week’s race, or he earns you no points.

The winner for that week will be determined by how many combined points each person’s driver lineup gets. The driver who scores the least amount of points for your team will not have his points counted towards your team. So, if you have Greg Biffle, and he crashes out and finishes last, his points will not count towards your team.

One more thing. Since you have to pick a driver for qualifying, the deadline to join for this week is Friday, May 29th at 3:10 EDT. That’s 2:10 Central time, 1:10 Mountain, 12:10 Pacific, and 10:10 for those of you in Hawaii. For those of you in other countries who wish to play, I don’t know the deadline in your area, so the best thing you can do is join right now!

It may sound like a lot to take in, but it really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. 365 Fantasy Sports will have all of the information on the game as well. So go ahead and join! That is, unless you’re afraid of getting beat.

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