Double-File Restarts Are A Given In NASCAR

We know they will be implemented, we just don’t know when.

NASCAR fans have been getting after the sport for years about double-file restarts, trying to talk NASCAR into letting the leaders restart double-file with lapped cars at the back, instead of single-file with lapped cars to the inside. NASCAR finally appears as though they are finally giving in.

Within the past few days, NASCAR has asked the teams whether or not they want double-file restarts implemented. If the teams say yes, the new procedure could be implemented as soon as this weekend at Pocono.

The rules about the double-file restarts would apparently be that:

-The cars will restart 2-by-2 with leaders at the front and lapped cars at the back

-The leader would get his choice of whether to restart on the inside or outside

-3rd place and all other odd-positioned cars would restart on the inside

-4th place and all other even-positioned cars would restart on the outside

-Taking a rule from the IRL, if a lapped car chooses not to pit under caution and gets cycled to the front of the line, he will be waved around to the back of the line on the final caution lap and would be scored on the lead lap

-The Lucky Dog rule will not be affected

The fans are dying to see them, and apparently, so does NASCAR. It appears that double-file restarts are a given in NASCAR. Potentially in the very near future.

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