"Drug Wars" Get More Complicated

You would think that an answer would make things clearer. In the case of the NASCAR Drug Wars, it only makes things more complicated.

NASCAR, after a full month of silence, has finally revealed which drug Jeremy Mayfield tested positive for: Methamphetamine

What’s so complicated about that? Mayfield admitted a month ago that his over-the-counter Claratin D, which contains pseudoephedrine, a drug used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, combined with a prescription drug resulted in a positive drug test.

While both sides continue to point fingers at one another, is it plausible that both are right?

Sure, there is no methamphetamine in Claratin D. But is it possible that NASCAR, in a strategic attempt to catch those using methamphetamine, actually tested Mayfield for pseudoephedrine, and assumed that he was using methamphetamine?

The prescription drug Mayfield was taking was for ADHD. The drug is one that is supposedly on the banned substances list in other major sports. However, we know that wasn’t the drug Mayfield tested positive for. Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamine; nothing else.

However, it is possible that Mayfield was using a third drug. At least, that’s NASCAR’s story. And while they have been hard to believe throughout the process, Mayfield showed yesterday that he isn’t entirely trustworthy, either. Mayfield’s story had been the same throughout the process. That was, until yesterday.

Mayfield now claims that he may have breathed in fumes during a firey wreck at Talladega, the week before he tested positive for methamphetamine. If this has anything to do with the “Drug Wars”, why did he wait until now to bring it up?

NASCAR’s Drug Wars just continue to get more complicated.

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