Gaughan And Davis Family Grow Even Closer

Brendan Gaughan’s new best friend will be making his debut in the Sprint Cup series two weeks from now in Loudon.

Brenden Gaughan’s new best friend, Marc Davis, will be attempting to make the June 28 race at New Hampshire. Davis will most likely be driving the #15 Pit Bull Energy Drink Toyota. The car was scheduled to debut one week earlier at Infineon. But if you ask Brendan Gaughan, he’ll probably tell you that Davis is still making his debut too soon.

Speaking of our lovable duo, Marc’s father, Harry reportedly called Gaughan’s car owner Rusty Wallace on Friday to apologize. No, not about the fact that the incident got his crew chief suspended for using a racial slur. He apologized for Brendan Gaughan, stating that he started the whole mess with his comment about getting a better education at Georgetown University than at Howard University, which is one of Davis’ sponsors.

“I was taking the high road,” said the elder Davis, “and I was reaching out to him. Nobody reached out to me or Marc, so I reached out to Rusty. I did use the word, ‘apology’ because everybody was a victim to what Mr. Gaughan misrepresented in the accident and he inflamed everything and it was all his fault.”


I am on neither side here, but allow me to step in here for just one moment. “I was taking the high road”? By what? Telling Rusty that his driver started the whole mess and by saying that everything was his fault?

Is that what they say “apology” means at Howard University?

I kid… kind of.

In the meantime, Davis remained quiet. He is just preparing for his Cup debut at New Hampshire, and I hope he runs well. Assuming he does run the #15(his car hasn’t officially been announced yet), he will be running a family owned car. And one can’t help but to pull for the family owned cars. I hope he makes the race.

Gaughan and his new crew chief, Shane Huffman, meanwhile, finished 4th in Kentucky on Saturday, even after spinning out late in the race. Gaughan sits 8th in points, and will head to Milwaukee next week.

But even while they were far apart, Brendan Gaughan and the Davis family grew closer together.

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