Michigan Wasn't The Best Race Of 2009

Following an exciting finish of Sunday’s Lifelock 400 at Michigan, fans and media alike are declaring that Michigan held the best race of 2009 so far.

I beg to differ.

How quickly we forget about Talladega, a race which ended with a driver coming from 8th to 1st in one lap, only to go flying through the air and nearly knocking down the catch fence with a few hundred feet to go. Not to mention we had a first-time winner.

Michigan had a pair of drivers run out of gas.

But even if Michigan would’ve had the best finish of 2009, it still was not the best race by a long shot. Again, that honor goes to Talladega, followed closely by Daytona. Atlanta, Las Vegas, Richmond, Darlington, Pocono, and even the let-down-of-the-year candidate, Bristol, had better overall races than Michigan.

I can see where the people come from when they make the claim that Michigan was the best race of the year so far. Any race in which an unusually large ego is busted(especially Chad Knaus’), and a fan favorite sneaks by for the win has to qualify as a good race.

But Michigan as the best race to date in 2009? Hardly.

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