Ford Gets A New Engine, Nationwide Gets A New Rule, Waltrip Gets A New Crew Member

Out with the old, in with the new.

Over the past few days, there have been several new developments out of the NASCAR garage. So many, in fact, that they have been difficult to keep up with. So let’s get down to business.

First Chevrolet, then Dodge, and now Ford is getting a new engine. The new FR9 engine is expected to be released by late August, or just before the Chase starts. Carl Edwards has already said he doesn’t want it yet, as he will be racing for the championship, and doesn’t want to risk engine failure. Matt Kenseth said either way(whether he gets it or not) will work for him. The most likely candidate for the FR9 is the part-time Wood Brothers team with driver Bill Elliott.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series is finally getting double-file restarts. Beginning at the July 3 race at Daytona, the leaders will restart side-by-side, with the leader getting to choose whether he wishes to restart on the inside or outside.  The restart rules will be the same as they are in Cup, including the wave around rule, and the Lucky Dog rule will now be in effect throughout the race, as well.

As if Michael Waltrip’s #55 Napa team didn’t have enough trouble on its hands. Michael Waltrip will be getting a new crew member for the July 4 Coke Zero 400; his brother, Darrell Waltrip. The eldest Waltrip will be an honorary crew member for the race. His job has yet to be determined. But according to Michael, he will likely be on the radio a lot, acting as a crew chief, or holding the pit sign. Michael also said the crew may give Darrell a job fueling the car, and even dealing with the tires. One thing is for sure: He’ll have a radio on.

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