Linus Takes SCS Freeroll At Loudon

Well, we didn’t quite reach our goal of 25. But we ended up with a fairly solid 9. And we had the closest race in Freeroll’s short history, as Linus took the 100 tokens by 65 points. Congrats Linus!

Also, Sportsfan1 took home 25 tokens for finishing second. You know what you’ll be able to do with those soon? That’s right! Buy awesome 365fantasysports swag, including T-shirts, and all kinds of other awesome stuff!

I’d also like to congratulate anybody who participated in Stock Car Spin Freeroll at Loudon for defeating Yours Truly.

Here are your results from Loudon:

1. linus 552
2. sportsfan1 487
3. Underdogs 452
4. pencil56 447
5. bookiemark 369
6. 1sportsfan 363
7. michibuck 356
8. sid9367 291
9. Hopper 215

Next week is the big race at Daytona! And I know y’all want to be there for that. So here’s what you do:

-Go to

-Create an account if you don’t already have one

-Scroll down until you see Stock Car Spin Freeroll

-Enter invitation code “spin”

-Set your lineup

-Watch the madness unfold

Have fun!

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