Fans: Kyle Busch Should Quit Nationwide, All Cars Shall Yield For Dale Jr.

Hey fans! It’s that time of the week again. Time to see what the fans had to say about articles here at Stock Car Spin.

For those of you who are unaware of how this works, each week, I go back and look at comments left by the fans, and choose the best ones to place in a weekly article.

This week, we had a pair of good comments that came from an article I did about Kyle Busch. The first one was from Jackie, who very politely told Mr. Busch to leave the Nationwide Series:

Hey, I’ve got it! If Kyle just dropped out of the Nationwide series, left that series to the actual Nationwide drivers, and put all of his focus into the Cup Series, he wouldn’t have to worry about finishing second. (Well,just in Cup)!

The second comes from CMPG, who believes that, if one driver should yield for Busch, then all of them must yield for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Clearly, this is a message of sarcasm:

I think it is the duty of the 1st place car to pull over for Kyle Busch so that he may finish 1st because that is what we all want.

While we are on the subject, lets please the Jr Nation at the same time and all cars, 25th place up to 1st should pull over for Jr so that he can have his 1st win this season.

Remember our friend Ron, who appeared here last week? Well, Marc had a little something to say to him:

Ron claims ” they blamed it on Bobby tearing the fence down at Talladega before that GM didn`t have anything that was within 10 mph of his ford.”

While I haven’t found the qual order of the event I’d guess a ten mph gap is a bit of hyperbole. What is fact is only three of these allegedly far superior Fords finished in the top ten of the event.

As far as Marlin’s Dodge they were fielded by Chip Ganassi and only had 2 wins in 2001 and 2 in 2002. Not that earth shattering.

Good stuff. I’d like to thank our fans for participating again this week. And remember, you can end up here simply by commenting on any article posted on Stock Car Spin.

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