Mayfield Rightfully Wins Court Case!

Justice has been served.

Jeremy Mayfield won his case against NASCAR today, lifting his indefinite suspension. Mayfield has been cleared to race at Daytona.

“This is huge for us. This means more to me probably than any race I’ve ever won or anything,” said Mayfield outside the court house after he was granted the right to race at Daytona.

It is unlikely Mayfield will be in his own #41 Toyota, as that team was not prepared to run this weekend. However, it has been rumored that he may drive another car, likely the #64 Toyota for Larry Gunselman.

It feels so good to see Mayfield win this case. It seemed so incredibly far-fetched that a guy like him could have possibly been on drugs. And when it was revealed that NASCAR hadn’t even let him, or any drivers, see the list of banned substances, it would have been wrong for the judge to rule in anyone’s favor besides Mayfield’s.

However, we’ve seen NASCAR get their way before when it seemed obvious that they shouldn’t have. The most memorable of those being when they forced AT&T out of the sport as a sponsor because they didn’t want to upset then-Title Sponsor, Nextel, prompting Jeff Burton’s team to try to find another multi-million dollar sponsor.

It didn’t seem like this case would be any different.

Thankfully, it was different. NASCAR did not get their way this time, regardless of what kind of stories they fed the judge, the jury, and the public. NASCAR took it in the face this time, much to the disappointment of CEO Brian France.

Too bad. Jeremy Mayfield rightfully won this case.

Justice has been served!

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