Jeremy Mayfield Needs A Support Group

Jeremy Mayfield wants to go racing this weekend in Chicago. But he needs money.

Since being suspended by NASCAR, Mayfield has had to lay off almost his entire team. He’s being sued by Triad Racing Technologies for $86,000 due to unpaid for parts. And it appears that he is now without a sponsor.

Mayfield’s best solution? A fan-based support group.

Mayfield has a lot of fans. You can see them every week on TV shows like Trackside and NASCAR Raceday. They’re diehard fans, holding up signs that can be seen for the duration of whatever show they may be appearing on. There’s no doubt in my mind they’d be willing to help their driver out a little.

When you look at history, a support group isn’t a bad idea. Remember Robby Gordon, and his sponsor, Jim Beam’s “Support Robby” campaign after the 100 point, $100,000 penalty he received when NASCAR found an illegal nose on his car during Speedweeks in 2008? The campaign took off like a bottle rocket on steroids, and NASCAR overturned the penalty.

How about Carl Long’s support group? They’ve already raised over $16,000 for Long, in an attempt to pay off his $200,000 penalty.

A support group couldn’t hurt Mayfield. And if he got enough people, one of two things would happen. Either a(. He would raise enough money to go racing, or b(. NASCAR would see how many fans actually do like him, and would have no choice but to bend over backwards for him.

If I had the money, I’d even start a support group for him. Unfortunately, I don’t. But maybe somebody out there reading this does.

Jeremy Mayfield needs a support group.

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