Fans: NASCAR HoF Needs More People; NASCAR Isn't American Anymore

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means. Time to see what the fans had to say this week.

Our first comment comes from Athena, who commented on this article. Athena believes that more than just 5 drivers should be inducted into NASCAR’s new Hall of Fame:

I think NASCAR has set their sights a bit low in choosing only five drivers for the initial inductees. There are a lot of years to cover here, so I’d start with a dozen hall-of-famers and add a dozen each year for the next two. Then we can think about only five…

Besides, who’s gonna pay admission for a Hall of Fame without Bill Elliot?? Not me.

Our second comment comes from Steve, who commented on this article. Steve believes that NASCAR is not an American stock car racing series anymore:

Had to google this when my wife mentioned Kahne was listed as driving a Toyota – one less driver to root for I guess. Someone explain to me why a Japanese manufacturer that has never produced a V8 vehicle in the US (let alone RWD) is somehow in a series made up of “American V8 RWD sedans”?

Can’t wait till Pettys are in Toyota’s too. Can we at least stop the flag-waving and “patriotism” associated with Nascar? What kind of patriotic American would even support the way a foreign company has bought their way into Nascar? It gives me hope that the ratings are in steady decline as they have been for years, and ticket sales are down as well. We need another “stock car” series competitive to Nascar so we can have true, American stock-car racing back.

I will leave you with one final comment from Tony, who commented on this article. We’ll let Tony do the talking here:

We should try to create a Support Group for Jeremy Mayfield

Tony, if I only knew how. But maybe somebody else out there does. If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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