Steven Wallace Makes Kyle Busch Look Mature

If you thought that trophy-destroying, victory-bowing, I’ll-wreck-anyone-who-is-ahead-of-me-or-behind-me Kyle Busch was bad, meet Steven Wallace.

Wallace, who has been nicknamed “Wrecker” by several bloggers-for obvious reasons-took his renowned immaturity to a new level on Saturday night.

While battling for the 10th spot, rookie Scott Lagasse dove to the inside of the slower Wallace going into turn 1. Wallace didn’t give much room, and the result wasn’t pretty.

Lagasse, Wallace get together

Wallace would wind up backwards and in the wall. After the wreck, Wallace, who has done that exact same thing to about a dozen or so other drivers during his stock car career, took out his frustration on Lagasse by driving up next to the #11 Toyota, and swerving towards him several times(though I will give kudos to Steven for not actually hitting him).

Wallace was told by NASCAR that enough was enough, and was penalized two laps for retaliation.

But Wrecker wasn’t done there.

On the next caution, Wallace was penalized again. This time, it was a one-lap penalty for what ESPN announcer Marty Reid said was an inappropriate gesture(or, the finger, for those of you who may be confused) aimed towards Lagasse’s pit crew. No, not Lagasse, who was the guy that unintentionally got into Wallace; His pit crew, who literally could do nothing but stand there and laugh at Wallace getting a taste of his own medicine(not to mention his immaturity).

Wallace would finish the night 24th, 9 laps down. Ironically, Lagasse would be taken out by Wallace’s teammate, Brendan Gaughan, and finished 33rd. Gaughan would also crash out, finishing 31st. And, wouldn’t you know it, Kyle Busch won.

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  • steven

    i enjoyed your article very much. i remember reading that wallace has an attitude problem a few years ago and it seems nothing has changed. spoiled, entitled and privileged describe this punk. there’s another one coming though.. randy lajoies’ kid.

  • Please

    Wallace still looks like a saint compared to Kyle Busch.

  • Tom P.

    Without the generous bankroll from his father, the only quote you’d be be able to attribe to Stephen is “Would you like fries with that?

    Talentless and with a serious attitude problem, definitely not what you with expect from the Wallace family…

  • Al Torney

    Great article. And Rusty says he is ready for Cup. Oh boy!

  • brian

    r u kidding me!!! i guess everyone forgets that lagasse is a rookie and they werent even halfway yet. when steve wallace did that to one of the cup guys when he was a rookie they would get mad and react the same way. and whats wth the 3 laps of penalties how many times have we all heard a driver say tony stewart drove me up into the wall then tony flips me off going down back stretch. Tony doesnt get penalties for flippin people off.

  • tx20fan

    The only reason you think Wallace isn’t as bad as Kyle is because Wallace isn’t winning. At least Kyle has an attitude and still pulls off the wins. No one pays attention to a guy with an attitude at the back of the pack.

  • Chad

    Whoever wrote this article must have something against Steven Wallace.

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  • Jessica

    Steven Wallace is and always has been a menace to the other drivers on the track. I can’t believe I was actually shocked when I saw him off-roading in the grass just to put his two cents in to Scott Lagasse. Even Rusty couldn’t come up with a defense for that, because there is none. I’ve been involved in competitive sports my whole life, and at no level has going above and beyond the call of douchebaggery ever been acceptable or tolerable. If you can’t play the game with grace, you’d better be good enough to take the checks your idiot mouth is writing to the bank.

  • brad dean

    the wallace family dost need this kid doing them like this kenny or mike or rusty steven grow up