Fans' Feedback On Steven Wallace

Usually, every Tuesday here at Stock Car Spin, I put together an article featuring the best comments from the previous week. This week, however, one particular article that I did got so many colorful comments, that it actually owns this week’s Fans’ Opinions column.

The article was about Steven Wallace, and if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out on some good stuff:

THE Steven Wallace Article

Our first comment of the week comes from Steven( ironic, isn’t it?), who describes Wallace using some very colorful English, but thinks that another driver’s hot-shot kid may give him some competition:

I enjoyed your article very much. I remember reading that Wallace has an attitude problem a few years ago and it seems nothing has changed. Spoiled, entitled and privileged describe this punk. There’s another one coming though.. Randy Lajoies’ kid.

Our next comment comes from Please, who still thinks that one driver’s attitude is worse than Wallace’s. Can you guess who it might be?

Wallace still looks like a saint compared to Kyle Busch.

Thank you, Please.

And perhaps the best comment of the year comes from Tom P., who gives us Wallace’s most likely profession if he wasn’t a race car driver:

Without the generous bankroll from his father, the only quote you’d be be able to attribe to Stephen is “Would you like fries with that?

Good stuff! The comment, not the fries, though I could go for some right about now.

Thanks again to everyone who commented on this week’s articles. We had some good ones this week, and it was difficult to decide which ones to use. Keep on commenting. You may just end up here.

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