5 Reasons Why NASCAR May Have Targeted Jeremy Mayfield

It has become clear over the past several weeks that Jeremy Mayfield feels NASCAR targeted him, and falsely claimed that he tested positive for methamphetamine.

Whether NASCAR actually did, or not, nobody truly knows. All we can do is sit here and speculate until our brains turn into a mushy green goo.

So I did. I have compiled a list of 5 reasons why NASCAR may have targeted Mayfield. I cannot say for sure that NASCAR did indeed target Mayfield, but I have come up with a list of possible reasons as to why they may have done so.

I will start out by saying that none of the reasons include “NASCAR was trying to use him as an example”. That’s the only basic reason that NASCAR might have had, and they could have made an example out of anybody. Here are 5 reasons why NASCAR may have targeted Mayfield specifically:

1. He isn’t famous, but people know who he is. Of course NASCAR wouldn’t target somebody who’s making the sport money. They wouldn’t risk losing a guy like Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt Jr., so they would have made sure that they didn’t even dare to touch them. Mayfield isn’t making the sport lots of money, but people know who he is, as he’s made the Chase twice. Targeting a guy like that guaranteed that the sport wouldn’t lose much(if any) money, but it also guaranteed lots of media attention, which often leads to money.

2. Mayfield isn’t believable. Jeremy Mayfield has always been one to speak his mind when it comes to his higher powers, meaning his car owners, often going over the top in some people’s minds. It was Mayfield who, when he was with Penske, publicly claimed he had a “Sorry car”, and was eventually fired. His replacement went on to win a series-high 8 races two seasons later. Mayfield also was fired due to a run-in with future car owner, Ray Evernham. Mayfield’s reputation as a hard-head made him an easy one to target because, honestly, how many people were possibly going to believe him?

3. NASCAR could kill two birds with one stone. Jeremy Mayfield is not only a Sprint Cup Series driver. He is also a Sprint Cup Series owner, meaning that, if NASCAR could make an example out of him, they could teach, not only the other drivers, but the other car owners as well, a hard lesson.

4. Mayfield will put up a fight, plain and simple. Meaning if NASCAR falsely accused him, they knew Mayfield was going to publicly defend himself, giving the sport some much-needed media attention during a rough time for the sport. Even though it may not come in the best possible form, media attention is media attention, and it still gets people(and sponsors) curious.

5. A Mayfield suspension would be popular. This is one I heard from another blogger. Jeremy Mayfield is one of the only guys ever known to bump Dale Earnhardt out of the way to win a race. Earnhardt’s fans are now the citizens of Junior Nation; A nation that has not hesitated to hold a grudge. Mayfield was the fourth most popular driver to suspend among Junior Nation, behind only Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, and Brian Vickers, all of whom are still making the sport money. Not a likely scenario, but one that can be taken into consideration.

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