Jeremy Mayfield Suspended Again

At the descretion of an appeals court, NASCAR has received its wish to have Jeremy Mayfield’s injunction overturned.

How the appeals court had the authority to overturn a ruling set by a U.S. District Court judge is beyond me. But, seeing as I do not know much about law, I can offer no further comments at this time.

No word as to whether this appeals court is the same one as the court that is used when a NASCAR team appeals a penalty. If so, then the ruling in NASCAR’s favor is anything short of a surprise.

No comment was immediately made by Mayfield’s attorney, or Mayfield himself. NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Posten claimed that NASCAR is “Quite pleased” with the ruling.

The ruling comes one day after Mayfield claimed that he was “80 percent there” on a deal with a big new sponsor.

Note: Jeremy Mayfield has sold his team to NASCAR team owner John Carter. Details about the deal have not been revealed yet.

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  • Marc


    You don’t know if this appeals court is the one NASCAR teams use to appeal penalties?

    WHAT? You’re joking right?

  • Jackie

    Marc – there is a BIG difference in appealing a penalty and appealing a district court ruling. If you know that the appeals court is the same in both instances, please enlighten us.

  • Doobie

    Some judges, from an ideological standpoint, always let big businesses have their way. That might be what’s currently going on in this case.

  • Marc

    Jackie, did I mention anything to do with the court system?

    Not only no, but hell no I didn’t.

    My comment was directly targeted at the author who for some unGodly reason asks whether the court making this ruling is the same one “that is used when a NASCAR team appeals a penalty” to quote the author.

  • hopper

    And she simply asked you if you knew whether or not it was the same court. She also asked that, if you did, that you please enlighten us on the matter.

  • Jackie

    Marc – OK so why don’t you explain then what exactly you think the author is joking about. You make these comments but don’t explain what info you are ectually commenting on. If you don’t have anything constructive to say and are just coming to this site to make waves, get a life.

  • Jackie

    Excuse me, I meant to say “actually”.

  • Marc

    Hopper, why should I explain the diff between the two courts when I never commented on them? You and Jackie area asking me to explain something I never questioned.

    Obviously both of you have no understanding of what the content of comment 4 mens, so let me spell it out in detail for the two of you.

    The author because of a lack of knowledge of the court system made no comment on it and I followed suit,

    However, and as I quoted he seems to think the court that made this decision is the one “that is used when a NASCAR team appeals a penalty.”

    That is a direct reference to NASCAR’s in-house National Stock Car Commission and has absolutely zero to do with not only the court making this legal decision but nothing to do with any U.S. court.

    If that isn’t plain enough, hell I even gave you a link to who they are, I don’t know what to tell ya.

  • hopper

    I never asked you to explain the difference. I asked you if you knew whether or not they are one in the same.

    And I never said I think the two courts are one in the same. I simply questioned whether or not they are the same.

    And FYI, the court that made the decision was an appeals court, just like the court that determines the upholding of NASCAR’s penalties is an appeals court.

    Next time, read the whole article before you come on this site and trash all of the content.

  • Marc

    hopper – “I simply questioned whether or not they are the same.”

    And my one and only point is why someone would come CLOSE to asking that question. But I’ll play, why did you?

    And while you’re at it, why the last two paras in the comment? Again, I never commented on either court why are you and others insisting I did, or requesting I do?

    But as long as you ask, yes I not only know the difference between the courts but have all the pdf files of their decisions. As such I feel I can comment on this issue with some authority as opposed to dome people who spew out nonsense from dawn to dusk. [not to include present company]

  • hopper

    Because all they said was it was overturned by an appeals court. How many appeals courts are there in the U.S. Marc? I figured I’d ask you since you seem to know everything.

    I simply asked if you knew whether or not they were one in the same.

    Judging by your last comment, I can see that the courts are seperate. Thank you for shedding some light on that matter.

  • Jackie

    Wow Marc. Seems like you missed the part where hopper said he didn’t know much about law. At least he is honest enough to admit that he doesn’t know everything and therefore said he can’t comment on it. Maybe some people could take a cue from him and just be quiet when they really have nothing to say. Just a suggestion.

  • Marc

    And jackie, I guess you missed the part from my earliest comments where I specifically didn’t address his lack of knowledge of the U.S. court system.

    A review is in order, I suggest you do it.

    And BTW, from your first comment in this thread you may not have had clue one about differences between the U.S. court system and the National Stock Car Commission.

    Do yourself a favor and review the link I provided. Or not.

  • hopper

    Actually, you not only addressed my lack of knowledge of the court system, which by the way I admitted in the article, you mocked it.

  • Jackie

    You know what hopper? We could go on and on trying to get Marc to understand what you were saying in your article and it will never happen. You know what they say – you can’t reason with a crazy person.

  • Marc

    hopper – “Actually, you not only addressed my lack of knowledge of the court system,”

    Really, quote it and where.

    jackie – And you can go on and on claiming I had anything to say about any appellate court it doesn’t make it true. But hey if your so insistent I would guess you can quote that section also.

    But you two won’t mind if I maintain my normal respiration rate waiting will you?

  • Doobie

    Update to my comment #3 above:

    It appears, from various recent news accounts, that the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals (which reinstated Mayfield’s suspension) is among the nation’s most conservative courts.

    So there you have it. A conservative court is generally a business-friendly one. And NASCAR is BIG business.