Jeremy Mayfield Suspended Again

At the descretion of an appeals court, NASCAR has received its wish to have Jeremy Mayfield’s injunction overturned.

How the appeals court had the authority to overturn a ruling set by a U.S. District Court judge is beyond me. But, seeing as I do not know much about law, I can offer no further comments at this time.

No word as to whether this appeals court is the same one as the court that is used when a NASCAR team appeals a penalty. If so, then the ruling in NASCAR’s favor is anything short of a surprise.

No comment was immediately made by Mayfield’s attorney, or Mayfield himself. NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Posten claimed that NASCAR is “Quite pleased” with the ruling.

The ruling comes one day after Mayfield claimed that he was “80 percent there” on a deal with a big new sponsor.

Note: Jeremy Mayfield has sold his team to NASCAR team owner John Carter. Details about the deal have not been revealed yet.

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