Truck Driver Carmichael Shows Up in Step Up; Gold Medals at X-Games

Here at Stock Car Spin, I typically only report on 4-wheel vehicles. In fact, I’ve never reported on any other type of vehicle besides those with 4 wheels. Until tonight, when a 2-wheel sport involved a NASCAR stand-out.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series rookie Ricky Carmichael hails from motocross. So it was no surprise to see him tearing it up at the X-Games tonight in Los Angeles.

Carmichael was competing in the Step-Up challenge, a motocross version of the human pole-vault, only with a motorcycle instead of a pole. Carmichael, riding his trademark Monster Energy Drink #4, stood out in a star-studded field of 6, including one-time NASCAR development driver, Jeremy McGrath.

But while McGrath was eliminated on the 33-foot jump, Carmichael dueled it out with Ronnie Renner to the end.

Both Carmichael and Renner made the 34-foot jump, the second highest of all time. However, in their two attempts at a record-tying 35-foot jump, both bikers would be unsuccessful.

That led to a sudden-death re-rack at 35 feet. Renner missed on his attempt, meaning that if Carmichael was successful, he would be the gold medalist.

Carmichael attempted the jump, and nearly cleared the bar, but came up just short. While in the air, his bike appeared to stall, and he came down hard on his rear tire. Carmichael was launched off the bike, slamming the ground hard on his left side. He laid motionless on the ground for about a minute, being attended to by the medical crew.

But fortunately, Carmichael would be okay. He got up, albeit slowly, and walked over to his opponent. With too much to lose, Carmichael could be heard saying, “I’m not riding anymore.” After waiting a few moments for a ruling, it was announced that the two riders, Carmichael and Renner, were co-gold medalists, with a final successful jump of 34 feet.

Stock Car Spin would like to congratulate Carmichael on his gold medal.

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