10 Possible Replacement Sponsors For Lowe's Motor Speedway

By now, I’m sure you have all heard the news. Lowe’s, the home improvement chain and 11-year sponsor of Lowe’s Motor Speedway, does not appear to be interested in extending its contract with the Charlotte race track.

The track, as of now, is expected to revert back to its old name, Charlotte Motor Speedway. That is, unless of course they can find a new sponsor to replace Lowe’s.

So, I decided to do the track a favor and begin searching for new replacements for the home improvement chain. Here is a list of 10 potential heir apparents(Note: This list is designed for entertainment purposes only, and is neither speculation nor actual news):

1. The Home Depot: 11 years ago, after Lowe’s took over as sponsor of the Charlotte race track, there was a billboard just down the road that had a picture of Tony Stewart’s Home Depot car. It read, “We’ll see who really owns the track.” Will it be you, The Home Depot?

2. Verizon Wireless: It will never happen, unless of course they buy out Sprint. And at the rate this cell phone company is taking over the world, it wouldn’t surprise me.

3. Stride Gum: The ridiculously long-lasting gum as the title sponsor of the track which hosts the ridiculously long-lasting race. Could we be on to something here?

4. Monster Energy Drink: Voiceover: Monster Energy Drink: The official sponsor of The Beast of the Southeast! Hmm…

5. Stock Car Spin: Mike Joy: “Welcome to the Coca-Cola 600 at Stock Car Spin Motor Speedway.” Darrell Waltrip: “Mike, I’ve been to a lotta race tracks. But I ain’t never been to one as good as Stock Car Spin Motor Speedway!” What? Bloggers have dreams, too!

6. Cialis: The 2010 NASCAR schedule hasn’t been finalized yet. But don’t worry, the folks in Charlotte have it all figured out. When the moment is right, all 43 drivers will be ready.

7. Go Daddy: Hometown boy Dale Earnhardt Jr. said it for years. And if he’s used to it, Junior Nation could get used to it very quickly.

8. Winston: Out with an old sponsor, in with an older one? Winston did sponsor the All-Star race there for years…

9. Aegis Labs: After all they’ve done for the sport, NASCAR should just give them the sponsorship. (Excuse me while I go and laugh)

10. Barack Obama: NASCAR has been taking a lot of heat this week, especially in the racial department. Perhaps now would be the opportune time for the president to hold it over their head and force them to name the track after him. He would become the first president ever to have a race track named for him. (10 bucks says he does it)

Have any sponsors you’d like to add? Remove? Feel free to leave a comment. Just keep it clean(ish), and on-topic. And please, try not to insult each other.

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