The "Day After" Discussion: Pocono

Hello fans. Welcome to Stock Car Spin’s newest feature, the “Day After” Discussion. The feature is expected to run the day after every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, and will be a place for fans to vent about the weekend’s action and controversies. And, as always, conspiracy theorists are welcomed.

So, without further ado, let us begin this week’s “Day After” Discussion:

Are you satisfied with the winner?

Was NASCAR right in penalizing Robby Gordon and/or David Stremme? Should either of them have been penalized?

Should Denny Hamlin have been penalized for knocking David Reutimann out of the way?

Will Jimmie Johnson ever have a truly BAD day?

And for the conspiracy theorists to discuss…

Was the caution for David Ragan’s “incident” just an excuse by NASCAR to help their homeboy get back on track?

What do the fans have to say? Feel free to discuss your opinions on the comment wall. Just keep it cleanish.

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