Busch Doesn't Want to Run Full N'Wide Schedule in 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, the competition may be tightening up in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Kyle Busch told media members at Dover on Tuesday night that he plans on cutting back on his Nationwide schedule in 2010, saying he hopes the team can get his schedule down to as little as 22 races.

Though Busch would not come out with a specific reason as to why he plans on cutting back, a few hints were given. He mentioned that maybe racing in the Nationwide Series has “taken a little bit away from the Cup effort.” He also said that he only wanted to race companion events, and not “fly all over the place.”

Whatever the reason may be, it would be a relief to both the fans and the drivers of the NASCAR Nationwide Series to see a few Kyle Busch-free races next year. Maybe now somebody else will have a chance to win a few Nationwide races next season.

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  • Jessica

    I can’t believe it took him this long to figure out the correlation between spending hours in planes/helicopters, shuttling to and from various tracks. He’s an “in it to win it” driver, maybe even to an extreme, and he should focus on winning the Cup championship, because he has already won extensively at the Nationwide level, and as much as he likes to be in the car non-stop, eventually it will, and pretty much has, caught up with him. If he limits himself to the Nationwide races that are held at the same track as the Cup races and possibly a select few others, I think he’ll find himself in a much better position to focus on the Cup instead of chasing the Chase.

    • hopper

      Honestly, I don’t get why any driver(besides maybe a rookie) would run full schedules in both series. It’s ridiculous. It makes life [heck] for the N’Wide-only drivers, and it doesn’t help the Cup boys out either.