What Should Be Done With The "Lucky Dog" Rule?

Over the past week, a lot of complaints have been heard regarding the Lucky Dog rule.

Sparked by Jimmie Johnson taking advantage of 4 free passes on Monday at Pocono, the fans have come out in full force stating that the rule needs tweaking. Everything from, “Drivers should only be allowed one free pass per race,” to, “Abolish it altogether,” the desire for change has been heard.

So now I ask you, the readers, what should be done with the Lucky Dog rule?

Should it be left as is? The rule has been in place for 6 years. We’ve seen drivers get the Lucky Dog multiple times in a race several times without complaint. Heck, Kyle Busch once got the Lucky Dog 6 times in a race, and nothing was said. At some point or another, every single driver has benefited from the rule, and it seems to work. Like the old NASCAR saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Should there be a cap put on it? I’ll be honest. Four free laps simply being handed to a driver in a race is ridiculous. I mean, seriously. Four laps in today’s competition is, well… if you need to get four laps handed to you in a race, you don’t deserve to be on the lead lap. Putting a cap on how many Lucky Dogs a driver can get in a race isn’t a bad idea.

Should the rule be abolished? The reason the Lucky Dog rule was implemented in the first place was to give drivers a shot at getting back on the lead lap after racing back to the Start/Finish line after the caution flag waved was abolished. It was the only way drivers could get back on the lead lap. And it has worked well, for the most part. But now we have the wave-around rule that allows drivers the chance to get back on the lead lap as well, only there is now a bit of risk involved. I like the wave-around rule better than the Lucky Dog rule because more drivers have a chance at getting back on the lead lap, but laps aren’t being handed to them, either. Do we really still need the Lucky Dog rule? Probably not.

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