Madden '10 To Be Released Friday; Where's Our Stinkin' Game?!?

The clock is ticking. The NFL fans are anxiously waiting. They’re palms are sweating. They cannot control their goosebumps. For tonight at midnight, it will be released. It is Madden ’10.

Meanwhile, we, the NASCAR fans, who have played the life out of our NASCAR ’09 game for the past 13 months, are still waiting to hear any speck of news as to when NASCAR’s next video game will hit store shelves. If it ever does.

Yes, I, like you, am a gamer. You might say I have an obsession over NASCAR ’09. I am even in a league, and I am to the point now where I am no longer terrible. I also have Papyrus’ NASCAR Racing 2002. I often times save the replays of my monsterous crashes(though I have yet to pull a Carl Edwards maneuver), and I play announcer with them when nobody is looking. So yeah, I am obsessed with my NASCAR video games.

So when it was announced that EA Sports would not be making a NASCAR ’10, I, like you, was none too happy. I was especially upset when I saw that they weren’t making a NASCAR ’10 because they were only required to make one NASCAR game per year, and they had already surpassed their quota with NASCAR Kart Racing for the Wii. A game which has less realism than NASCAR ’09(though not by very much).

Perhaps the reason that made me upset was because I do not own a Wii, but rather an Xbox 360. So even if I was interested in playing a “NASCAR” game with fake cars and fake tracks with fake power-ups, I would be outta luck because, believe it or not, Wii disks don’t work in 360s. Trust me.

Or, the other reason I may have been upset, and it is the most likely, is that the last time I played on a Wii, those cocky little avatars all smirked up at me like they owned the world just because they have the only stinkin’ NASCAR game of the year.

Even the one that looked like me.

So with EA not making a NASCAR game, who will? The answer is that nobody is making a strictly NASCAR game in 2009. However, Sony will be incorporating NASCAR into their new Gran Turismo game and the graphics appear to be awesome.

But again, this does you 360 owners and I no good, as the game will only be available on Playstation 3.

So, for the first time since the Red Ring of Death fiasco, 360 owners are being left out in the cold all by ourselves. We will be the only ones without a NASCAR game in 2009.

So, while NFL fans enjoy their fresh new copy of Madden ’10, the NASCAR fans, unlike in past years where we had our game before the NFL fans had theirs, will have to just sit back and wait for our new game for another year. Or two. Or three. Or six.

In the meantime, I’ll go back to playing NASCAR ’09 non-stop, participating in league races, and doing the play-by-play for my fake crashes on NASCAR Racing 2002.

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