Brian Vickers Gives Quote Of The Year At Bristol

Brian Vickers has won a lot of things this year. In 2009 he has won 6 Sprint Cup Series Pole awards, 1 Nationwide Series Pole award, and last week’s Carfax 400 at Michigan.

And if there’s an award for “Quote of the Year”, Vickers will likely win that too.

It seems as if, every year, a certain driver gives one really good quote, and everybody remembers it. I can even remember back to 2004, when Sterling Marlin called out Greg Biffle after getting wrecked out at Watkins Glen.

Marlin’s quote:

“I got run over by a bug-eyed dummy, I guess.”

It wasn’t so much what he said that was so humorous, but rather, how he said it. And I’ve noticed the same sort of thing with Vickers in 2009. From taking his Cup teammate, Scott Speed to school in a post-Nationwide race interview, to sincerely apologizing for ruining the “Kyle Busch Show” at Michigan, Vickers’ quietly condescending ways in his interviews have come across as humorous to the people watching at home.

But the quote given by Vickers during a press conference at Bristol will not be remembered by how it was presented, but rather, by what was said. In the quote, Vickers was referring to Kyle Busch, and the incident between the two in last week’s Nationwide race at Michigan.

The quote was:

“I don’t know if you want to call it strike one or strike two, but either way, he’s out of strikes.”

Interesting words from Vickers, seeing as I always thought it was three strikes and you’re out. Unless you’re a softball fan, in which case it only takes two strikes to be out(at least, that’s how they do it in small-town Minnesota).

And it’s possible that Vickers may be a small-town Minnesota softball fan. But seeing as he’s from North Carolina, it’s not likely. Even still, where would he get the “One strike and you’re out” rule from? Perhaps Vickers is a pitcher-friendly small-town Minnesota softball umpire on his off-days?

Hey, I love Brian Vickers. The sport needs him. He speaks up against NASCAR on behalf of the fans. And his quotes are awesome.

But this one was one of those spontaneous quotes that made no logical sense, the funniest kind of quote. And that makes Brian Vickers the front-runner for the “2009 Quote of the Year” award.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a softball game to ump for in Minnesota.

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