One Forgotten Factor In The Keselowski/Penske Deal

In case you haven’t heard, Brad Keselowski is going to Penske Championship Racing full-time in 2010, and replacing David Stremme in the #12 Verizon Wireless Dodge. It’s official. It’s officially official. It’s officially officially official.

At least, that’s what one may believe if they simply read the headlines on certain NASCAR websites.

It was reported on Friday that Keselowski and Penske were close to reaching an agreement that would have the JR Motorsports driver racing in the Sprint Cup Series full-time in 2010, for a team not called or affiliated with Hendrick Motorsports.

Note, I used two key words: Reported and close. The forgotten factor in this whole thing is that this is not yet a done deal, and no official announcements have been made, or even scheduled.

But some major NASCAR websites, including one in particular(and not even the one that made the initial report), grabbed the story and took off with it. Almost immediately after the report broke, a headline appeared on one site’s homepage that read:

Keselowski to Race Cup For Penske in 2010

But it hasn’t stopped there. A feature appeared on the site today that was basically two parties discussing whether or not Keselowski made the right move. Not if he is making the right move, or if he will make the right move. But whether he made the right move.

Keselowski Making the Right Decision?

The problem is that this is the single most popular NASCAR site on the web, and they aren’t even informed enough to realize that this is not a done deal. And even if they are, they need to share that information with everyone instead of debating about whether or not a driver was correct in making a move that he hasn’t even made yet.

Will Brad Keselowski drive for Penske Championship Racing in 2010? Possibly. But it is not a done deal yet. And that is the factor everyone, especially NASCAR’s most popular website, seems to be forgetting.

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