One Forgotten Factor In The Keselowski/Penske Deal

In case you haven’t heard, Brad Keselowski is going to Penske Championship Racing full-time in 2010, and replacing David Stremme in the #12 Verizon Wireless Dodge. It’s official. It’s officially official. It’s officially officially official.

At least, that’s what one may believe if they simply read the headlines on certain NASCAR websites.

It was reported on Friday that Keselowski and Penske were close to reaching an agreement that would have the JR Motorsports driver racing in the Sprint Cup Series full-time in 2010, for a team not called or affiliated with Hendrick Motorsports.

Note, I used two key words: Reported and close. The forgotten factor in this whole thing is that this is not yet a done deal, and no official announcements have been made, or even scheduled.

But some major NASCAR websites, including one in particular(and not even the one that made the initial report), grabbed the story and took off with it. Almost immediately after the report broke, a headline appeared on one site’s homepage that read:

Keselowski to Race Cup For Penske in 2010

But it hasn’t stopped there. A feature appeared on the site today that was basically two parties discussing whether or not Keselowski made the right move. Not if he is making the right move, or if he will make the right move. But whether he made the right move.

Keselowski Making the Right Decision?

The problem is that this is the single most popular NASCAR site on the web, and they aren’t even informed enough to realize that this is not a done deal. And even if they are, they need to share that information with everyone instead of debating about whether or not a driver was correct in making a move that he hasn’t even made yet.

Will Brad Keselowski drive for Penske Championship Racing in 2010? Possibly. But it is not a done deal yet. And that is the factor everyone, especially NASCAR’s most popular website, seems to be forgetting.

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  • bill

    are u on drugs? It is done deal and guess what u heard it from me first or second or third. lol a lot of words for nothing

    • hopper

      Haha, no, I am not on drugs. But I have also not heard any official announcement of this whole deal. Hendrick’s still trying to retain him, and Keselowski & Penske are keeping quiet. And while all signs point to Keselowski going to Penske, it is not a done deal. At least, not officially.

  • Mark

    What else do you expect from which is run by Turner Sports Interactive and is only the “Official NASCAR site” when it suits their agenda?

    When questioned why, under the Jeremy Mayfield gag order, they were reporting Mayfield news, they [NASCAR] admitted was NOT the official site of NASCAR.

    Very convenient…

  • Pete

    It is a done deal. Announcement sometime around Richmond and sponsors 16-20 races…The contract was signed Tuesday August 18th.

  • carole

    If godaddy is going to be has sponsor, why didn’t HMS put pressure on Jr motorsports to move up to Cup and keep everything in placelike it is now? Godaddy is his nationwide sponsor right now. Something seems wrong here. Seems like Penske is a step down, rather than a step up. To me , going to Finch would make more sense.

  • hahaha

    Carole are you serious? peske a step down, especially to finch? Im rofl thats so dumb, penske has as much money as hendrick if not more and alot more racing experience throughout the world, he just hasnt had the success in nascar although hes gotten close to a few titles.. plz ppl know your facts and thanks for the laugh..

  • Jamerson

    I’m sure this is a done deal. But if you think that Rick Hendrick is the loser in this deal, then think again. Its all part of the master plan. Brad Keselowski needs a full-time ride to gain the necessary experience. Rick Hendrick doesn’t have anything for him because Tony Stewart isn’t ready for a third team and Junior isn’t ready to move JRM to the Cup Series. So Rick Hendrick goes and talks to his old pal Roger Penske. They work out a deal for Keselowski to sign a short-term deal with Penske to take over their struggling #12 car. During his time with Penske, part of Keselowski’s mission will be to help Roger Penske get the #12 running well again. Then, in a couple of years, the #5 or #24 at Hendrick Motorsports opens up. As soon as one of them does, Keselowski makes the jump back over to Hendrick Motorsports. Roger Penske, meanwhile, moves his rising star, Justin Allgaier, up to the Cup Series. The #12 car has seen a drastic improvement in performance in its time with Keselowski, so Allgaier has a car good enough to suit his talent when he moves up.

    In a couple of years, you’ll know I was right. Rick Hendrick doesn’t lose. Its not in his nature.

  • Pete

    Anyone that thinks that Roger Penske will invest 2 years of time and money and then hand Brad back to Hendrick is coo coo

  • Steve

    I would not trust Roger Penske to honor any deal! As a noted Denver, Co DA said over twenty years ago, “A verbal contract is worth the paper it is printed on.”

  • FIP

    There will be no dramatic improvement in the 12 car performance. Penske doesnt have the organization to keep up. Newman, Stremme, or Keselowski – it doesnt matter if the equipment is second rate.

  • Steve

    If I were Brad K. or his adviser/confidante/whatever, I would let him know that he needs to look at Penske as a stepping stone and not a final place to land. There have been very good people who have been under the Penske banner, drivers and crew chiefs alike, but what about any great success for these individuals? Didn’t happen there! Rusty Wallace, past champion, very versatile and emotional driver, no championship in the #2 car. Kurt Busch is doing well this year, because he traded the intimidation of Jack Roush for the intimidation of Roger Penske, which matched Kurt’s persona better! Look at Ryan Newman and how much more consistent his finishes have been with Tony, and Hendrick-derived engines, chassis, and bodies. Great qualifying record, but it means jack in points and big money. If the Finch option was available for the full 2010 season, he would have/should have jumped on it, because it would have had many characteristics of Tony Stewart’s deal relative to Hendrick. We don’t know all the details, but Brad needs to have patience in the 12 car, maybe for two or three seasons. I hope he does not emulate Jeremy Mayfield, and speak the truth about his car, his owner, and his team, like Jeremy did with Evernham and Penske. Hopefully he comes through this OK, because he has talent and courage, an encouraging throwback to David Pearson!