The "Day After" Discussion: Loudon

Our first race of the Chase has come and gone. And it’s Monday, so you know what that means. It’s time for our first “Day After” Discussion of the 2009 Chase for the Cup!

A few things to talk about:

With Mark Martin’s win at New Hampshire, is this his championship to lose?

Juan Pablo Montoya was stout on Sunday. Is he a legit title contender?

Can Kasey Kahne rebound from his engine trouble at Loudon?

Talking about the race, should NASCAR have thrown the caution on the last lap, or let them race to the line?

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. overreact after his crash?

And finally, is this the year somebody finally unseats Jimmie Johnson as “The Champ”?

Feel free to discuss these, or any other issues relating to NASCAR, on the comment wall.

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  • Steve

    My question is: does Alan Gustafson have a doctorate in psychology, or is he just the greatest real world practitioner of the art? Of course a lot of it is that he has one of, if not THE greatest, driver that hasn’t won a championship (yet). It is the greatest pairing since Todd Parrott and Dale Jarrett. Alan could not even begin to make anything out of the current #18 driver, and had questionable rapport with his previous drivers. Chad and Steve are with the right drivers for their skills, and if Mark was driving for either of them, he might not even be in the chase. I don’t know if it’s a put-on, but Mark acts like he doesn’t deserve his good fortune. One possibility is to give Rick Hendrick all the credit, but them we had Dale Jr. and Tony Eury Jr., but my take on that is Rick was presented with a package deal there, and he agreed to it because if it didn’t work under the Hendrick tent, he had other places to go with Tony Jr. As I said in our Brian Vickers/Jerenmy Mayfield discussions, Dale Jarrett doesn’t need to worry about the current driver of the 88 car winning a championship. Easy trivia question- who was the first driver of the 88 for Robert Yates Racing?