The Pot(Dale Earnhardt Jr.) Calls the Kettle(David Reutimann) Black

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has never made a mistake. Just ask him.

Alright, so maybe he’s willing to admit a few here and there. But if you watched Sunday’s race at New Hampshire, that initial statement may sound true.

Late in the event, Earnhardt, running fourth, got bumped in the middle of turns 3 and 4 by David Reutimann. The two were racing for position, and the contact was unintentional. What happened next was not pretty.

Video: Dale Jr. Gets Wrecked

In his post-wreck interview, Junior called out Reutimann, stating “I should have known he couldn’t hold his line,” and, “He’s somebody you just can’t race with.”

It wasn’t so much what Earnhardt said, but rather how he said it. It was almost as if the two had been bitter rivals since their ARCA days. Or more like as if Earnhardt believed he was actually racing against Scott Speed rather than a guy who came one Pocono wreck away from making the Chase.

But as I listened to Earnhardt call out a driver who sits 5 spots ahead of him in the standings, I couldn’t help but think of a few incidents Earnhardt has caused in recent memory that were far worse than what Reutimann did to him. Let us recall five specific ones:

1. 2005 Coca-Cola 600: Earnhardt wrecks his teammate Michael Waltrip on the straightaway, causing a four-car crash that sends Terry Labonte to the hospital

2. 2009 Daytona 500: Seriously, do I even have to remind you what happened?

3. 2005 Aarons 499: Anyone remember the 25-car pile-up that was pinned on Jimmie Johnson(before he was a major NASCAR website’s poster child)? You know, the one that was caused by Dale Jr. sticking his nose were it shouldn’t have been?

3.5. 2007 400: Dale Earnhardt Jr. wrecks Chaser Kyle Busch out of the Kansas race after turning him head-on into the wall on the backstretch. I added a 3.5 because I figured there’d be an uproar from Junior Nation over 3.

4. 2008 Chevy Rock and Roll 400: Dale Earnhardt Jr’s revenge on Kyle Busch. He gets it in much the same fashion in which Reutimann wrecked him, only far more obvious.

5. 2006 Michigan Nationwide Race: Dale Earnhardt Jr. wrecks Carl Edwards going for the win with 2 laps to go, wrecking him on the(guess where?) back straightaway.

So there alone are 5(or 6) crashes caused by the man who called out David Reutimann. Now how many people has Rudy taken out during that time period?

1. 2009 Gatorade Duel at Daytona: Ryan Newman: “That’s why they call him ‘Reutimann’, because he just ‘Root a man’ out of the way.”

2. Sunday at New Hampshire.

Wow! Dale, you just called out one of the cleanest racers in NASCAR. The only reason you haven’t been chewed out by the media is because, well, we won’t go there.

Congratulations Dale Earnhardt Jr. You(the pot) have just been found guilty of calling the kettle black.

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  • Joe W.

    So you go back several years to beat up Dale Jr. What about the wrecks Ruetimann has caused over the same period of time? Wouldn’t that be a more fair comparison. It seems some writers just get there fun picking on Dale Jr. I know you can’t be a fan of Rueitmann. He has what 5? Or maybe you just love the Toyotas? I don’t know but it seems this story is a little skewed to me and I’m not even a Dale Jr fan. I just get sick of people picking on him all the time, just because some of his fans are.. well fanatical.

  • Rich H Joe W

    Did you not read the Hole article?
    It says “Now how many people has Rudy taken out during that time period?”

    If Jr’s last name was not what it is, He would be lucky to be driving in ARCA.

  • Overra88ted

    Jr. began running out of talent 5 years ago.

  • Mike

    This is the biggest piece of garbage analysis I have ever seen with regards to NASCAR. Reutimann took out Jeff Burton in the same race he took out JR, the same way, same spot on the track. Pattern? You have come up with 6 wrecks “caused” by Jr in a 5 year period, one being in the Busch Series, another being the Talladega wreck you claim was caused by Jr, when he was simply bump drafting square on the bumper (youtube it people). Im sure you are trolling to get some hits on your website but this is pathetic.

  • ron harn

    The irony of this is that I like and respect both drivers. The fact is that regardless of who was in the position, Denny Hamlin checked up and forced Reutimann to get on the brakes as well. The rest is just a reality of racing. I like Junior but David is undoubetbly one of the most conservative and clean racers out there.

    Enough said…

    Ron Harn

  • Jackie

    It never ceases to amaze me that when a certain driver is in any way criticized in an article, some fan almost always resorts to name calling. Can’t you people have a comment that doesn’t include that. Funny thing is, most of these drivers could care less that you are even defending them. Grow up, people.

  • bobbie1231

    Junior has 4 DNFs this year….two caused by mechanical failure and two caused by the 00 car.

    Junior is well respected as a clean driver. Ask Reutimann. He stated as much in an interview after the race. He also stated that he didn’t blame Junior for what he said regarding the crash.

    Sounds like another wanna-be writer using Dale Jr to get hits.

  • Joe W.

    Well Rich H. I did read the whole article but not the hole article. Use spell check. O.K.? I think others have pointed out the 00 has more wrecks on his resume than those two.

  • MISSU3

    I always applaud anyone who has the cajones to criticize JR. The Nation hates it because they’ve pretty much ran out of excuses for him so they revert to school yard name calling. You were stating the facts and stats. The nation can’t deal with that kind of logic because there is no common sense or reality in being a Jr. radical fan. Rudys only problem was forgetting that EVERYONE is suppose to get out of the way of the Golden Child (and even when they do, he can’t win.) Good article.

  • billy

    DALE was mad because he had a great car that day;he had a chance to win;it wasnt because they wrecked he wanted to winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn now if you want a story it was amzing joey wasnt killed glad this young man walked away’thatwas incredible wreck no matter if it was 6 or 16 flipps ; JOEY laughed it off but i think tomorrow he will feel most of the rolls

  • Opie

    Jr is probably the most overrated driver in NASCAR history. What do the two have in common well both come from Prestigeous Racing Families (Petty(NASCAR), Andretti(INDY), Foyt(INDY), Earnhardt(NASCAR), and Reuitimann (Dirt). The Differance Earnhardt basically has had everything handed to him because of Daddy. When Jr does badly everybody is at fault but JR (Tony Eury Jr is a great crew cheif Hendrick firing him was just stupid.) I Jr is very precditable I can usually tell you when hes gonna wreck. Jr can’t win with the Best stuff in NASCAR (Hendrick is the Most dominant team every (7 Driver Championships in the Last 14 years on their way to 8, 14 wins this season between 4 drivers [Stewart Haas buys equipment from Hendrick Motorsports] in cup). If you look at their 2009 Stats Rueitimann (Season wins 1. top 5′s 5. top 10′s 8. average finish 16.6) is well ahead of Earnhardt (Season wins 0. top 5′s 2. top 10′s 5. average finish 21.8) so if I were David accept the compliment.

  • hopper

    Let me remind everyone that I WILL NOT tolerate swearing on my boards! I respect everyone’s opinion, but swearing is not nessesary. This is a family website and I will have NONE of it!

    Thank you,

  • Froggy

    I could not agree more. David Reutimann is one of the cleanest drivers in cup today. I think he would have had some better finishes if he was more aggressive and used his bumper more!

    As for Jr’s comment that Reutimann “ran out of talent”…..what a freeking joke. Reutimann has dominated Jr this year in performance “talent”. What is amazing is Reutimann is in absolute junk in MWR cars. While Jr is driving for the most dominent team in NASCAR history.

    Hey Jr, why dont you switch with Reut and drive an MWR car and let him drive a Hendrick car for a year and see who has more talent?

    Or Better yet…come race Reutimann on one of the dirt tracks………..there is a test of “talent”.

    Jr I lost a great deal of respect for you with that comment!