NASCAR's CEO France Has an Idea of How the Chase Will Play Out

Let the conspiracy theories begin again.

Brian France, CEO of NASCAR, told Scene Daily that he is not concerned about the television ratings drop in the first Chase race at New Hampshire. The ratings for the Sylvania 300 were a 3.2, the lowest they had been at New Hampshire since ABC took over NASCAR’s coverage of the Chase.

Still, France isn’t concerned. This is what he had to say:

“We were up in August for almost every event and up in Richmond as well, so we were a little surprised. It’s one race and I think if we keep having the kind of racing and the Chase unfolds the way I think it’s going to, that will take care of itself. We don’t have a concern about that. … The Chase has got the right storylines, the right things going on [and] the racing is very good.”

That’s interesting. NASCAR’s CEO expects the Chase to unfold a certain way? That can’t possibly mean anything, can it?

I know there are a lot of people out there that wonder if the sport is tainted, or even fixed. And not just people, but fans. Diehard fans. Is the sport tainted? Is it fixed? I’d like to think not. I’m sure everybody would. But nobody knows, or will likely ever know.

However, the fact that the CEO of NASCAR, the big man, expects the Chase to unfold a certain way is troubling. He also goes on to say that if we keep having the kind of racing we’ve been having, the ratings will take care of themselves.

But the racing has not been that good. France made his comment before Sunday’s AAA 400 at Dover, but even in the races leading up to Jimmie Johnson’s dominant win on the mile-long oval, the on-track action really hadn’t been overly exciting. The first Chase race ended under caution, and the final race before the Chase would have been worthless without the Busch v. Vickers battle for the final Chase spot.

And when you look at what France says about the racing, and you see who has been up at the top after the last few races, and you see who several fans feel the sport is tainted in favor of, you just can’t help but wonder some things sometimes.

On a final note, there is one question I have to ask myself, and you, the fans, regarding France’s statement. If the guy who runs NASCAR has an idea of how the Chase, NASCAR’s playoff, is going to play out. If he really knows something we don’t, are the last 8 races of the season really going to be worth watching?

What do you think?

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  • Steve

    I have been shaking my head when I listen to Brian France and Mike Helton, kind of like when I listen to Joel Osteen, which is VERY seldom. The speaker is intense, convincing, somewhat organized, but at the end of the message, I really wonder what any of them really said. Watching the races on TV, I am amazed that a dictatorship like NASCAR allows ABC/ESPN to use the camera angles that show the thousands of empty seats. It’s kind of like Mark Martin saying he’d like to spend time with John Mellencamp. John has evolved from an agrarian populist to a leftist welfare state advocate. Similarly, NASCAR has changed over the years. What about Mark? I have no clue! I am probably one who has not “evolved” with times.

  • Angie

    I think Nascar is prosecuting the wrong drug user.

  • hopper

    Haha, yes that Brian France is something, isn’t he.

  • dawg

    Brian France is the Alfred E. Newman of NA$CAR.

  • Steve

    Just to clarify my mention of Joel Osteen, he is the most obvious proponent of “prosperity gospel”, meaning that God wants you to be rich. Brian France would be a likely poster boy for this, should he describe himself as a Christian. Mr. Le Tourneau of earthmover fame and other inventions, gave 90% of his income to God and still lived adequately. Brian could probably do the same. But to be fair and balanced, we still have prayer at the races!

  • hopper

    Yes we do, and there’ll be an angry mob if that(prayer) ever gets taken away. Led by Hopper aand Stock Car Spin :)