J.C. (Brian's Cousin) France Arrested on Drug Charges

Oh, the irony.

After months of beating up on NASCAR driver, Jeremy Mayfield, for allegedly using methamphetamines, it has been reported today that Brian France’s cousin, J.C. France, was arrested this(Thursday) morning for drug possession.

France was reportedly racing his half-brother around the city of Daytona Beach, Florida(illegally, of course), when he was pulled over by a police officer for a traffic violation. Apparently, during his little “race”, he ran a red light and was swerving all over the road.

When the officer searched France’s car, they discovered a small bag of a “white, cake-like substance”. France is currently behind bars on a $4,500 bond.

France was a driver in NASCAR’S Grand Am series. You can read the full report here.

I wonder what’s going through Brian’s mind right now. He has beaten up on a potentially innocent driver, who France claims used methamphetamines, for months, only to find out now that his cousin is using drugs. What must he be thinking?

There are several things I could say, but I think I will merely say this. My prayers are with J.C. and his half-brother. May they find their way.

What do you have to say about all of this?

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  • steven

    poor little rich kid….

  • http://stockcarspin.com Steve

    Of course on the FoxSports comments, the comparisons are rampant with Jeremy Mayfield. In my opinion it shows that even the children of well-to-do families can lose their way in a society that reeks of materialism and the indulgence of the self. They believe (maybe) there is no Higher Power, and life ends when physical death occurs. When you let us know of your prayers for all, I echo this.
    What I believe- the good news is that we all will have eternal life after death. The kicker is that we determine where we get to spend it. Life on earth is a grain of sand on a very large beach compared to life in eternity. All we have to do to be assured of Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior. Do you want to go to the land of eternal torment (Hell)? Sure, how we live our life on earth will determine our level of reward in Heaven. None are without sin except the Son. Check out Motor Racing Outreach and look at a lot of our racing heroes that have committed their lives to Jesus. For myself, I look forward to going there to talk with Dale Sr.!

  • NASCAR isDying

    Here is a instance with JC France back in 2004 to prove the lack of braincells this guy has.. even back then! So it just proves you cant fix STUPIDITY! ——–

    Preseason thunder Daytona Speedway January 2004, its about 11:15PM, track is dark. I worked at the track then, the track is “cold” and had been for about 2 hours, I hear over the radio someone has gone out on the track doing “hot” laps in a white Caddilac Escalade, Security was on duty and also contacted the Daytona PD to assist. It turned out that J.C France was giving a ride around the track at over 100 mph with an un-identified female (some said she looked like a hoo ker) and (heres the character of this piece of waste) 2 children in the back seat in childseats! His statement to security was, ” I own this track” how is it that the lack of brains and judgement of this guy continues and he will put ANYONE at risk whenever he wants to! JC France. your a waste of blood and protien! Go disolve in jail, or even better, send him to Somalia! The pirates would like you!