Kasey Kahne Feels Victimized After Pepsi 500; Can You Blame Him?

Kasey Kahne feels victimized after another great run went awry Sunday at Auto Club Speedway. Can you blame him?

Kahne ran in the top 10 during Sunday’s Pepsi 500 for most of the day. That is, until NASCAR decided to “make the race interesting for the fans”.

Those were Kahne’s words after he got out of the #9 Budweiser Dodge following his second accident in the final 11 laps of the race.

Let me set the stage for Kasey’s post-wreck comments. Kahne had been running in the top 10 until a debris caution came out with 16 laps to go. That set up a 12-lap shootout, and with 11 laps remaining, Kurt Busch got sideways off turn 4, got into the wall, came back down into Kahne, who spun in front of Greg Biffle causing the two of them to go for a ride through the infield grass.

That wreck set up an even bigger wreck with 6 laps to go caused by Elliott Sadler, which Kahne, as well as all 3 of his teammates, were involved heavily in. This is what Kahne had to say after the crash:

“We were running well until we had a debris caution… for no debris. That caused Kurt(Busch) to mess up, which caused him to get into me, which caused me to go through the grass and take Greg(Biffle) with me. And that lead to the last wreck. NASCAR was just trying to make the race interesting for the fans, and when that happens, it causes guys to have a bad day. Today was our day.”

I do have to correct Kasey on just one point. There was debris. The question is, how did it get there?

As it turns out, the debris was what appeared to be a large piece of rubber laying on the top of the track on the backstretch. Almost like that of the outer-liner of a tire. The caution came out after every single car had pitted, with the exception of John Andretti, who was shown on the track under caution riding in 8th place without a scratch on his car.

The piece of rubber was large enough that there was no way it could get there without somebody blowing out a tire. But here’s the thing: Nobody blew a tire.

Where else on the car can you find rubber? Perhaps on a belt? But again, the rubber was too big for it to have been a belt. Other than that, I’m at a loss.

The debris may very well have not been a piece of rubber, but rather black tape. But yet again, that would have had to have been one of the biggest clumps of black tape I had ever seen.

So where did the debris come from? The only other explanation is that it was planted there. I know it seems almost inconceivable. But it’s all I have, as all other theories based on what I have come up with are no less inconceivable. My only remaining explanation is that it was planted there to make the race more interesting.

So should Kasey Kahne feel that he was victimized on Sunday at Auto Club Speedway? I don’t see why not. Can you blame him for feeling that way?

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