Kasey Kahne Feels Victimized After Pepsi 500; Can You Blame Him?

Kasey Kahne feels victimized after another great run went awry Sunday at Auto Club Speedway. Can you blame him?

Kahne ran in the top 10 during Sunday’s Pepsi 500 for most of the day. That is, until NASCAR decided to “make the race interesting for the fans”.

Those were Kahne’s words after he got out of the #9 Budweiser Dodge following his second accident in the final 11 laps of the race.

Let me set the stage for Kasey’s post-wreck comments. Kahne had been running in the top 10 until a debris caution came out with 16 laps to go. That set up a 12-lap shootout, and with 11 laps remaining, Kurt Busch got sideways off turn 4, got into the wall, came back down into Kahne, who spun in front of Greg Biffle causing the two of them to go for a ride through the infield grass.

That wreck set up an even bigger wreck with 6 laps to go caused by Elliott Sadler, which Kahne, as well as all 3 of his teammates, were involved heavily in. This is what Kahne had to say after the crash:

“We were running well until we had a debris caution… for no debris. That caused Kurt(Busch) to mess up, which caused him to get into me, which caused me to go through the grass and take Greg(Biffle) with me. And that lead to the last wreck. NASCAR was just trying to make the race interesting for the fans, and when that happens, it causes guys to have a bad day. Today was our day.”

I do have to correct Kasey on just one point. There was debris. The question is, how did it get there?

As it turns out, the debris was what appeared to be a large piece of rubber laying on the top of the track on the backstretch. Almost like that of the outer-liner of a tire. The caution came out after every single car had pitted, with the exception of John Andretti, who was shown on the track under caution riding in 8th place without a scratch on his car.

The piece of rubber was large enough that there was no way it could get there without somebody blowing out a tire. But here’s the thing: Nobody blew a tire.

Where else on the car can you find rubber? Perhaps on a belt? But again, the rubber was too big for it to have been a belt. Other than that, I’m at a loss.

The debris may very well have not been a piece of rubber, but rather black tape. But yet again, that would have had to have been one of the biggest clumps of black tape I had ever seen.

So where did the debris come from? The only other explanation is that it was planted there. I know it seems almost inconceivable. But it’s all I have, as all other theories based on what I have come up with are no less inconceivable. My only remaining explanation is that it was planted there to make the race more interesting.

So should Kasey Kahne feel that he was victimized on Sunday at Auto Club Speedway? I don’t see why not. Can you blame him for feeling that way?

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  • http://fullthrottle.cranialcavity.net Marc

    “The only other explanation is that it was planted there. I know it seems almost inconceivable.”

    Ask Robby Gordon, he might have an explanation.

    Or he might not, take your pike.

    But one things for sure, if anything is “inconceivable” it’s your crackpot theory.

    Unless you can explain how 70,000 people in attendance never saw anyone “plant” that price of debris.

    P.S. Shut-up and drive Kasey, you made a fool of yourself.

    • hopper

      Oh good you’re back. Myself, as well as some of my loyal readers, had wondered where you disappeared to.

      As usual, I see you are here to rip apart one of my pieces. So allow me to explain what I mean by “planted”.

      Only an idiot would believe that debris could be planted by somebody running out onto a 2 mile race track with cars going 200 miles per hour. What I mean is, perhaps the debris was attached to the bottom of another car and was set to fall off late in the race to create excitment.

      How else can you explain a piece of tire laying in the groove when nobody blew a tire?

  • http://fullthrottle.cranialcavity.net Marc

    “What I mean is, perhaps the debris was attached to the bottom of another car and was set to fall off late in the race to create excitment [sic].”

    And your proof is where?

    Just how much “debris” do you think can be packed under a Sprint Cup car when ground clearance is only 3.5 inches?

    To paraphrase you, “Only an idiot would believe that debris could be” slung under a Sprint Cup race car with such little space to do so AND not be caught.

  • hopper

    Hey Marc, I’ve seen rubber get wrapped around things really tight. BTW, rubber is less than 3.5 inches thick, so it could easily be packed underneath.

    How might they do this without people noticing? Easy. Cars go in and out of the garage all the time during races, and underfunded cars sit on pit road for laps while the crew “works” on it. If it’s an underfunded car, who will pay attention? And if a car’s in the garage, who’s going to see it?

    I’m not saying for a fact that they hide debris underneath the car, but if the piece of tire didn’t come from underneath a car, and no cars blew a tire, where did it come from?

  • http://fullthrottle.cranialcavity.net Marc

    1. Show me a quote by someone (with link) who was at the event and claims the debris in question was in fact a piece of tire.

    2. Let’s see if I have this correct, you start with “what appeared to be a large piece of rubber” to very close to saying it was a piece of rubber, but not just any rubber a piece of rubber from a tire. Or was it a rubber belt, its hard to keep track.

    3. Cars sit on pitroad? Yeah they do but you need a widescreen TV, or something, because all work on pitroad is watched by at leastone NASCAR official, the same goes for work in the garage area.

    4. “Rubber is less than 3.5 inches thick, so it could easily be packed underneath,” sure could and in all liklihood effect the aero of the car. Guess you never noticed how smooth, within the rules, the underside of the cars are, to think ANY team would compromise that, AND have the ability of Kreskin to predict the need for this nonsense you’ll far off-target.

  • hopper

    1. What else was it?

    2. Refer to article… if you read it

    3. If NASCAR is setting up the races and telling teams to attach mystery debris to the bottom of the cars, wouldn’t the officials be in on it?

    4. If a car had to sit on pit road or in the garage, it’s off the pace anyway. What would aero mean to them? Especially if they were involved in a crash?

    Clearly, you don’t get it. All you do is come on here to make a scene, get into arguments, and promote your blog. I’ve tried debating with you on several topics; so have my readers. But to no avail. All you is repeat yourself and argue for the sake of arguing.

    Unless you have something productive to bring to this comment wall, or are a fan with a question, feedback, or concern, you have no point being in here.

    I will give you one last chance to make a case as to where the debris may have come from. If you comment and it does not include proper debating material(i.e. a real “case”), your comment will be deleted.

    Thank you and good day.

  • http://stockcarspin.com Steve

    I apologize for being “late to the “party”, but glad that we have the person back who has the mission of building himself up by tearing others down. My response to that strategy is to take his “sic” and expand it to “sic semper tyrannis”, which is attributed to a person who at least was successful at physical assassination. Our guy attempts to succeed at character assassination, and the only “character” he assassinates is himself! That’s “sic”, I don’t care who you are!