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Add Juan Pablo Montoya to the list of drivers who have openly expressed their frustration with NASCAR.

After a rough night on Saturday at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, Montoya, in an interview with ESPN, claimed that, “you could see that their was stuff all over the track,” during the race.

But Montoya believed that NASCAR did not throw the caution because, “they were criticized last week for throwing the caution,” and thought that they, “took it a bit over the top,” Saturday night.

Montoya added, “It is what it is. NASCAR is in charge of you. So it’s okay.”

Who would know that fact better than Montoya?

If you will recall, it was that very driver who called NASCAR out over his radio at Indianapolis for allegedly speeding on pit road. The move cost him the race, giving it to eventual winner, Jimmie Johnson.

However, there was no proof then that Montoya sped, or didn’t speed. Just as there was no proof on Saturday night that there was debris, or wasn’t debris.

It appears that what we have here is a war of words. Was Montoya just blowing steam, or was there really debris on the track? We’ll likely never know. But we do know that Montoya wasn’t nearly as adamant about the debris as he was about speeding on pit road. Because this time, he didn’t swear on his family, or thank NASCAR for messing up his day.

At least, that we know of.

So who do you believe? Montoya or NASCAR?

See Montoya\’s Interview Here (Fast-forward to about the 1:38 mark for the good part)

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