Jeff Gordon and AJ Allmendinger's Crew Are Doing Good Things

In these tough times, it’s good to know that there are people out there doing good things.

Jeff Gordon, as well as the members of AJ Allmendinger’s crew are some of those people.

Gordon has announced that his Jeff Gordon Foundation will be donating $2.5 million this year to a variety of causes. These include the development of the Pediatric Pulmonary Lab and Community Outreach Program at the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital, the establishment of the Jeff Gordon Pediatric Cancer Research Fund at Riley Hospital for Children, and funding for the Phase I Long-Term Follow-Up Program, which focuses on cancer patients.

Meanwhile, AJ Allmendinger’s #44 pit crew announced that it will donate a majority of its prize money from its two Tissot Pit Road Precision awards, as well as a majority of its prize from its runner-up finish in the Sprint Pit Crew Challenge back in May(when it was the #43 team), to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, as well as the Victory Junction Gang Camp.

Here are a couple of quotes about each party’s respective donation:

Jeff Gordon:

“Looking back at the past 10 years it’s amazing to see the tremendous growth of the Foundation and the number of children that we have been able to help. I am also pleased that we are able to provide such a large commitment this year even in these difficult economic times.

Ed Watkins, #44 Jackman:

“You rock and roll every Sunday supporting the race team and AJ in giving him fast pit stops. But this gives us an opportunity to support the community. We wanted to do something in the fight against breast cancer. We also wanted to find a way we could give underprivileged children a chance to attend the victory junction camp and experience the great campus the Petty’s have up there.”

I have a couple of things I would like to add about these donations. First, about Jeff Gordon’s. Yes, the guy makes a lot of money. A lot. But you’ve got to hand it to a guy who is willing to give 2.5 million dollars to charity. I don’t care how rich you are. Hats off to Jeff.

Second, about the #44 team’s. Tip your hat to these guys. You hear about drivers giving money to charity a lot. But they make a lot of money. Crew members do not. These guys usually have a second job during the week to help put food on the table. It’s not an easy life. And now, they are donating their prize money to help fight breast cancer and to help underprivileged children. Give it up for these guys.

Keep up the good work! In these tough times, it’s good to know that there are people out there doing good things.

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