Bob Greise Suspended For "Taco" Remark? Seriously?

Hey NASCAR fans, did you know that under ESPN’s company policy, it is illegal to suggest that Colombians like Mexican food? Now you do.

According to reports from ESPN, Bob Griese has been suspended from his college football announcing duties for one week. Griese, if you haven’t gathered by now, works for ESPN.

Griese was suspended for making the following comment during Saturday’s Ohio State/Minnesota game. An advertisement was run for Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Martinsville. The network showed the top 5 drivers in points on the bottom of the screen. Griese’s fellow analyst asked, “Where is [Juan Pablo] Montoya?”

Griese’s response:

“He’s probably out having a taco.”

How dare he. I mean, first of all, to make fun of Montoya because of his Mexican heritage. That’s just so wro… wait a minute. Montoya isn’t Mexican, he’s Colombian!

Second, I did not know we were living in Nazi Germany and could only say things that are politically correct. Whoa, is this country in trouble! Especially in NASCAR’s roots.

Seriously, is this not a free country anymore? What ever happened to freedom of speech?

So what’s the argument against Griese, here. Is it that what he said wasn’t funny? Because my guess is that more people actually laughed at the comment than were insulted by it to begin with. But I suppose that laughing at the comment is wrong, and that ESPN should suspend myself, along with anyone else who thought it was funny, from watching their football games. That’ll teach us.

What else? Is it that Griese’s comment was racist? Alright, let me ask you this. If Griese is asked, “Where’s Junior?” and Griese responds, “He’s probably out having grits,” is that racist against white southerners? Or if he’s asked, “Where’s Biffle?” and he responds, “He’s probably out having an apple,” is that racist against white northwesterners? What’s the difference between him saying that Montoya’s out having a taco, and Biffle’s out having an apple?

If the answer is that Montoya is Mexican, you might want to check your facts on the Colombian driver. If the answer is that Montoya is Colombian, perhaps you ought to take a look in the mirror and see who the real racist is.

I understand that you can’t go making vulgar remarks about people, especially on national television. But for Pete’s sake, people. It was a joke. It wasn’t a dig or an insult. It wasn’t a vulgar comment. It was a freaking joke.

I have one more thing to say, and then I will open up the comment wall. NASCAR has been labeled by many, for years, as a hillbilly sport. While that may predominantly be true, making fun of NASCAR fans because of our culture is no different than Griese making fun of Montoya because of his.

Know that before you call Griese out.

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  • John Smith

    This is a crock of BS, lets stop this crap

  • hopper

    That crap you’re referring to-also known as “freedom of speech”-is what allowed you to make that comment.

  • nobody important

    Um, I think you’re missing the point. The presumption implicit in Griese’s remark was “hispanic name = Mexican = stereotype”. As noted, Montoya is NOT Mexican, so why should Griese say he would be having a taco? Because he’s making a (typical white, anti-Hispanic) assumption.

    Which is, y’know, racist.

    As for freedom of speech – NEVER confuse freedom of speech with the “right” to have your views aired by a TV channel. That’s just dumb. The right to freedom of speech has never extended, and will hopefully never extend, to an automatic right to have that speech broadcast by someone else.

  • hopper

    Listen to yourself. “Typical white, anti-Hispanic assumption”. With that statement, you just lumped whites into a single category: anti-Hispanic. That’s stereotyping in exactly the same fashion that you just complained about. That’s also hypocricy, and racist.

    Griese’s statement was meant to be a JOKE. But people don’t have a sense of humor anymore and will cry racism at anything. What’s the problem?!?

  • Keith

    Griese should have been suspended – UNLESS he ASKED for the opportunity to apologize, and state that he has learned that “Tacos” are of Mexican heritage, and not common to all Hispanic individuals. His comment as it stood was attacking and stereotyping Montoya – and stupid on top of it. If he would have said, maybe he’s out getting something to eat, that’s one thing. But thorwing the TAao comment in, was telling.

    It was just like Fuzzy Zoeller asking after Tiger won his first Master’s if the meal at the next MAster’s was going to consist of watermelon and fried chicken. Maybe you guys didn’t have a problem with that either.

    P.S. Colombians would more typiocaaly eat “Arepas”.

    P.S.S. I ask, why is Griese, a football analyst and player, even doing an auto race? Not that he isn’t allowed to diversify, as Montoya has done, but shouldn’t he have to “qaulify” first and be a little more familiar with the environment and the players he is covering.

  • hopper

    Griese didn’t do an auto race, the network was advertising NASCAR during a FOOTBALL game.

    Again, what Griese said was a JOKE. What’s the big deal?