Stock Car Shoutouts: Ambrose, Reutimann, and Hornish Jr.

Every Monday here at Stock Car Spin, we run a feature known as Stock Car Shoutouts. Every week, we highlight three people who may have had a good run the previous week, or who we feel deserve a Shoutout.

So without further ado, Stock Car Spin would like to give a Shoutout to:

Marcos Ambrose: Seriously, somebody’s gotta give the Tasmanian some credit. The guy sneaks onto the scene with a second-tier team, no extravagant rookie campaign, and still gets the job done every week. Ambrose was in contention for possibly his first career win on Sunday, but pit problems set him back. Ambrose found himself back in contention late in the race when fuel mileage became a factor, but Ambrose’s tank ran dry with two laps remaining. He finished 15th, but he’s shown this season that he can run with the best of them… at every type of track.

Sam Hornish Jr: The 2006 Indycar champ went from being the punch-line of several NASCAR jokes, to a large group of Haters’ favorite driver. And all it took was being involved in a crash. Hey Junior Nation, is your boy taking notes?

David Reutimann: Once again, David Reutimann ran a solid race. And once again, it all went for nothing. Reutimann ran in the top five literally all day(except during the first few laps, when I believe he was involved in some sort of accident?), running as high as second. But, like his teammate, Reutimann’s tank ran dry late in the going. Reutimann finished 16th. The other reason he gets a Shoutout: Refer to “Sam Hornish Jr.”

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