Does This Story End With Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hoisting the Trophy in 2010?

Now that Hendrick Motorsports has history out of the way, the team is now ready to focus on getting NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver back near the top.

According to, getting Dale Earnhardt Jr’s team back on track is Hendrick Motorsports’ “top priority”.

Team owner Rick Hendrick said about getting the struggling #88 team out of its slump:

“We’re all over it, and we’ve been all over it. It’s my primary focus here, starting Monday.”

Without Hendrick Motorsports having a driver with a long history of struggling in 2009, combined with Junior’s seemingly endless struggles during 2009, fans had to come to a conclusion that either a) Hendrick Motorsports does not have four good cars, or b) Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not that good of a driver.

The majority of fans chose the former.

In 2010, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will likely be receiving Hendrick’s best equipment; Much like he did for the start of the 2008 season, his first with the team. Knowing that, 2010 could be the make-or-break year for Junior’s career.

Don’t be surprised if this story already has an ending: With Dale Earnhardt Jr, the popular hero, overcoming his demons and emerging from the shadows of his winless 2009 season to hoist the trophy at Homestead and unseating the “villain”, so to speak, Jimmie Johnson, in 2010.

It certainly would be a good story in many peoples’ opinion, and one that may already have a beginning.

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  • Steve Schaefer

    If JR ends up with the cup in 2010 then at least that will end speculation of any cheating being allowed by certain teams.

  • Steve

    This possibility is from the guru who picked Brian Vickers to win the Cup! At least there are plenty of limbs to go out on in this crazy world of drug addicts!

    • hopper

      Oh, real funny Steve. Haha. At that time, it sure looked like that team was gonna keep on that roll and ride it to the Cup. Oh well. How’ve ya been, man?

  • Steve

    Hello Hopper!
    Probably a too sarcastic comment by me, but it in no way measures “down”, not up, to the standards set by Marc! I would have been overjoyed to see Brian V. stay close to the top. He has some of the same directness and talent we both see in Jeremy Mayfield. And he was not a kissass in the Hendrick mix. Maybe Brian is this year’s model of Kyle Busch, a Hendrick reject who also plummeted to the bottom of the top 12. Also, there’s an old saying that you have to lose a championship before you win one, which fits Dale Jarrett well, among others. So how many does Mark have to lose before his triumph?
    Hopper, it’s a pleasure to share opinions with a guy who goes out on a limb to hopefully breathe interest into a racing series that is a mere shadow of its former status, due to being run by a questionable family member of a dynasty who HAD the gift to balance the needs of all involved groups. A very sad scenario.

    • hopper

      Thanks Steve! Yeah, I enjoy being able to bring my own perspective into the writing world. Pretty much everyone in the media is the same: They kiss up. That’s why I like to mix it up a little bit on here. Glad to see that some people enjoy it!