Time to Compromise in NASCAR

It seems that nobody can agree on a championship formula.

On one side, you have the old-school fans/Jimmie Johnson “haters” who believe that the old system is the way to go. It may not have been the most exciting formula, but it was always fair, and did produce some tight points finishes.

On the other side, you have the newer fans/Jimmie Johnson fans who believe that the new Chase system is the way to go. Though it may not produce the most deserving champion, it tends to at least make things a little more interesting.

These two sides can’t seem to agree on anything, and until something gets figured out, we may never have a system that everybody can agree on.

So, in the meantime, I propose that we implement both systems.

That’s right, both systems. We’ll count the points using both the old system, and the Chase system. In the end, the driver who accumulates the most points under each respective system will be a champion, or a “co-champion”, if you will.

It sounds like a crazy idea, I know. NASCAR has never had a two-champion system. In fact, no professional sport out there has this kind of a system. The only sport I know of that can possibly have two champions is college football, in the rare case that the AP crowns a champion that did not play in the BCS National Championship Game, as was the case in 2003, when the LSU Tigers won the BCS title game, but the AP crowned the USC Trojans as National Champions. That year, the Tigers and the Trojans were co-champions.

It isn’t a fun system. Nobody like having to share the title. But think about it. Would you rather have two co-champions that everybody can agree on, or a champion whom many believe shouldn’t be champion at all?

If both systems are used, we would likely have more excitement down the stretch. Instead of relying on just one system to bring us an exciting finish, we would have two opportunities to see a battle right down to the wire.

What about records? What if a driver is a co-champion 5 years in a row? Would his name be placed in the record books forever? No. Only if he wins under both systems 5 years in a row would he have his name in the record books. It’s a feat that seems nearly impossible, but if it were accomplished, it would be that much more admirable.

And finally, what about the banquet? Who gets to go, and who sits at the head table? The banquet would feature every team that finishes in the top 10 in points, under either system. Since most teams that make the Chase would finish in the top 10 in points under the old system anyway, there wouldn’t be many more than 10 teams at the banquet. As far as the head table, there would be two head tables; one for each champion, unless the same driver wins under both systems. In which case, there would only be one.

Racing under both systems at the same time would present quite a challenge. It would make for more exciting racing, at least on the points side. It would result in co-champions in most cases, which wouldn’t be very popular.

But until we can come up with a system that everyone can agree on, we may just have to compromise.

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  • BILL

    I’m not a JJ hater I’m a chase hater because they compare JJ to the likes of the great Petty and The great Earnhardt with this joke they call a point system. If you think about it three of the last championships were closer under the old point system and also Jeff Gordon would have 6 championships chasing his 7th. In all actuality Jeff Gordon is more comparable to the likes of Petty and Earnhardt not Johnson. I’m not a Jeff Gordon fan but I feel nascar has really robbed him of his career greatness and nascar is to stupid to admit their greatest blunder. I think Brian France needs to hold a banquet apologize for his great stupidity to the drivers and the fans and rewrite the books by giving the championships to the rightful owners.I have alot of friends who love nascar like its a religion and not one and I mean not one like this cocain driven pipe dream system this idiot has created.

  • http://www.ilovemynascar.com Sheila Hawley

    In my opinion, there was no reason to start a new way to crown a champion. The system that was in place was working. Why fix something that was not broken? It was more fun and more exciting having a 36 race season than the 26 and 10 race system. 12th place can’t do any worse than 12th. And 13th can’t do any better. Is that really what it’s supposed to be about? All Jimmy has to do is be in the top 12 after 26 races and he will win every year. Why is that exciting? In 2003, Terry Labonte raced into the top 10 in the 36th race. Kurt Busch raced out of it. That’s exciting. In my opinion, giving a 10th place driver the chance to win it all in the last 10 races is not exciting. Jimmy will win his 7 like Petty and Earnhardt all in a row unless we get rid of this stupid system. If you want to watch a play-off, find a sport with divisions and the divisions can compete. 43 drivers in the last 10 races is not a play-off. It’s a farce. Give more points for the win in each race, and the driver with the most points should be the driver with the most wins. And deserve the championship. Who wants to watch only 12 drivers in the last 10 races? Ratings will go up because fans of 43 drivers will be watching, instead of fans of only 12 drivers. And Jimmy will not be able to win them all if there is no 10 race finale. The chase is not bringing in new fans. But it is chasing away the fans they already had.

  • http://none Carey

    You are an idiot, nothing else needs to be said. A two champion system, you are an idiot!!!

  • djones

    If the Chase is so good for the CUP series, why isn’t it being used in the NW & Truck series too?

    I don’t like the Chase. BF needs to admit his mistake and revert back to the old points system. Consistency has always been the way of racing, not necessarily winning. Juablo and Carl proved this by making the Chase. Race winners didn’t even make the Chase.

    I agree with Sheila. Drivers 13th-43rd might as well not show up during the Chase. Their season is over.

  • Steve

    A system needs to be created that will keep the points close for the entire season so you don’t need to manufacture an exciting ending to the season. Another words find a system where the gap in points between first and last is relatively small and you will have your solution. While people don’t like to compare IRL and F1 to Nascar, they have good points systems. Nascar needs to follow their lead a little bit and do the same. Of course Nascar not wanting to be compared to the other series is probably why we don’t have this in place already

  • Anne Simmons

    The last ten races in Nascar Sprint Cup are now like watching paint dry. Jerry Punch and the group try like crazy to make the races interesting but fail. The point system did not need to be fixed. If you are a fan of drivers 13 thru 43, the fun is gone. No wonder the stands are no longer full.

  • Lizzard

    Watching Superbike or F1, hell, even IRl and the NNS series and trucks are more interesting to watch than the last 10 plodding races of the “Chase”. It is boring and most definitely messed up. Like in the 60′s and 70′s in Nascar when they were messing with the points system. I totally agree: recind the Chase, recind the old points system, and make the points less, and more close. Get the points total for a winner down to around 43, give a guy 3 for leading most laps (there needs to be incentive for running well) and 1 point for leading a lap. Total max points for a winner: 47 points. Total max points for a 43rd place car: 5 points, 1 point if they can’t get a lead, or lead most laps. Simple, easy, nothing to it. 43 cars, 43 points. 3 points for most laps led, 1 point for leading a lap. Done. Now, you have potential for everyone who TRIES (this now excludes start and parks, either they park it and get less points, or try like hell and eat up their machines in the process to get more points and stay in the hunt) and keeps at it. No favorites. 1 point, 1 position. COME ON NASCAR….WAKE UP