Barack Obama Now Nominated for a “Stewie” Award

This is for real, people.

Barack Obama, you know, the guy who lives in a luxurious white house in Washington D.C. and does nothing but give lazy people China’s money, apologize for our great country, and win prestigious awards for no apparent reason, has been nominated for  YET ANOTHER award.

Obama is up  for the “Stewie” Award for “Best Vocal Performance”, which honors the year’s most memorable quote in NASCAR. In case you were wondering(or cared) what the “Stewie” Awards are, they are a group of awards given out by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart on his radio show at the end of the season. They are like the Oscar’s in a sense that there are several different categories for which awards are given out, but they are all called “Stewies”.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this excerpt from a article:

Best Vocal Performance
Honoring the year’s most memorable quote
(Visit to hear audio of nominees)

• Kyle Busch tells Junior Nation that he’d rather win races than sell the most t-shirts at Bristol. (Mar 22)

Michael Waltriptackles 5th Grade U.S. History on FOX’s Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Oct. 27)

• Tony Stewart “in awe” of Jeff Gordon post-race at Kansas. (Oct. 4)

• President Barack Obama welcomes NASCAR to the White House. (Aug. 19)

• Inaugural Class of NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees announced by CEO Brian France. (Oct. 14)

The awards, which I guess are supposed to be prestigious, are typically handed out to NASCAR drivers who often do something during the season to earn them. I guess our 44th president is the exception to all rules when it comes to giving out awards.

If you want to listen to the “Stewie” Awards live, you can tune in to Stewart’s radio show on Sirius Channel 128 and XM Channel 128 at 10:00 P.M. EST on Thursday, December 3rd.

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  • Steve

    I remember in high school we read a book called “Democracy in America” by a French author named Alexis DeToqueville. I think he came to America in the early 1800′s, and one of his major points was that our country is much less about freedom than it is about equality. By his ambitious schemes to redistribute wealth, now to equalize poverty, Barack fits the equality mold quite well. Also I don’t remember whether it was George Orwell who presented the idea of pigs and men around a table where they had become indistinguishable. And I think in the same sense, I think one line was that “everyone was equal, but some were more equal than others”. I may be mixing my prophetic authors, hopefully Marc will rejoin to correct me!
    Anyhow, I see Nascar and the Obama dynasty as reflections of each other. Tom Wolfe’s book “The Last American Hero”, is a description of Junior Johnson, one of the greatest innovators in racing history. Also I recall the great stories about Smokey Yunick. It all brings to mind my repetitive recollection from “Easy Rider” regarding individual freedom and a free individual. What a country!, in the words of Barack the Great, no better than any other!
    Hopper, thank you for your great ability to read the minds and hearts of your contributors. Let’s keep in mind the real meaning of this Christmas season, and rest comfortably in the truth of Who is really in charge of all!

    • hopper

      Steve, I feel the same way. I have actually noticed quite a few similarities between America and NASCAR. Both were started in similar fashions. Both were great, and both once again can become great. Right now, both are under a bit of a Liberal/Communist rule. But with some better leadership, both can become great once again.

      Merry Christmas, and that will NOT be the last time you see those words on this blog before December 26th.