President Barack Obama Gets "Snubbed" at "Stewies"

Several people took home trophies Thursday night from the 3rd annual “Stewie” Awards.

The 44th president was not one of them.

President Barack Obama had been nominated for the “Best Vocal Performance ‘Stewie'” for inviting the NASCAR drivers to the White House, but failed to win it.

President Obama made for a controversial nominee to begin with, for two reasons.

First, NASCAR is a predominantly conservative sport. In recent years, however, its westward migration towards California and surounding areas, as well as its leaders’ strict rule over the sport had begun turning NASCAR into more of a liberal sport. Giving a liberal president an award, after not giving a conservative president an award in the two prior years, would only have further verified that.

Second, “Stewie” awards are often given out to NASCAR drivers who do something during the course of the year to earn them. President Obama, obviously, is not a NASCAR driver who did something to earn an award. So giving President Obama a “Stewie” Award could have potentially caused an uproar, much like that after he won the Nobel Piece Prize.

The “Stewie” Award for “Best Vocal Performance” actually went to the man handing out the awards: Tony Stewart, himself. Stewart won the award for his statement about being “in awe” of Jeff Gordon after October’s Kansas race.

More notes about the “Stewies”:

Among other “Stewie” award winners were Carl Edwards for his Talladega crash, Marcos Ambrose for his mishap on the final lap at Montreal, Juan Pablo Montoya for yelling at NASCAR over his radio at Indy, and Mark Martin for his 2009 comeback.

David Pearson won the “Golden Stewie”, and stated in his acceptance speech that he may consider running in Stewart’s “Prelude to the Dream” charity race in 2010.

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