If Barack Obama Was a NASCAR Driver...

This is all in fun…

It was 6:00 P.M. at the time I was writing this, and I didn’t have anything to do. I was on Facebook and decided to take the quiz, “Which NASCAR Driver Are You?”.

Except, as a little twist, I decided to take the quiz answering the questions as if I were President Barack Obama. For kicks and giggles.

The first question was, “Which personality do you have?” Given the choices, I had to say “stuck up”. Really quick, for you Obama fans, among the other choices were “homoish”(not a real word), “stupid”, and “complanitory”(also not a real word). It could’ve been worse.

The second question asked, “If you are going to have a family and get married, what kind of a spouse will you have?” Among the choices were “None, too old”, “Not married”, and “Co-worker spouse”. The latter would have worked, I suppose. But the best choice was “Gold-Digger Spouse”.

The third question begged, “How much money, on a scale of 1 to 6(with 1 being the highest, and 6 the lowest), do you make in a year?” Obama, as president, makes $400,000 a year. It’s not millions, but probably enough to put him at a “2″.

The fourth question wondered, “What is the color of your car?” Obama gets chauffeured around in a black limousine, so obviously, the answer is “black”.

The fifth question was, “What is your attitude about life?” Seeing his position on gay marriage, the answer might have been “Gays rule”. But, seeing as Obama himself is not attracted to men(that we know of), the best choice was “I’m better than everyone!”

The final question asked was, “On a scale of 1 to 6(1 being the best), where would you likely finish in any competition” I’m guessing that the presidential race and the Nobel Peace Prize are both competitions, and he won them both. Obviously, the answer is “1″.

I hit Finish and anxiously awaited the result. I waited for just a moment, and finally, I got the result. It read:

“You are Dale Earnhardt Jr. You are the most popular.”

Who would have thought. If Barack Obama was a NASCAR driver, he’d be Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The quiz that was used to get this stat was created by an anonymous Facebook user, and NOT by the writer.

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  • John Gaz

    What’s the link in facebook on that quiz?, I would like to take that.

  • hopper

    If you click on the blue letters in the article that say “Which NASCAR Driver Are You?”, it should take you there.

  • jeff


  • jeff

    I believe You Were Much to kind, I do not believe He would have fared as well as a driver, lets see how I would categorize Him.

    He would drive in reverse gear against on coming traffic, leaking gallons of oil on the entrance of all turns,
    when he would pit, he would run over, wound and kill his crew, on the track He would cause complete mayhem,
    Death and Destruction, car sponsor would SEIU and Acorn,
    His car would be Red on Black, instead of a number there
    would be a Hammer and sickle, His nickname would be Bus Driver,
    During Driver introduction He would walk on stage
    giving the finger to the NASCAR Fans and moon them,
    among his minor sponsors there would be Hemorrhoid cream,
    Condoms and Gay Guy Magazine, I could go on but I have already wasted enough time on Him

  • FIRERED30013

    I could believe that if he were a NASCAR drive Barack Obama would be Dale Earnhardt because they are both losers.