Jeremy Mayfield has a Relatively Quiet Christmas

We’ve reached the point in the calendar year where life in the NASCAR world is relatively quiet. As evidenced by the number of posts on here this week(or lack thereof), you can probably guess that there is not a whole lot of stuff going on in the NASCAR world.

That, fortunately, includes Jeremy Mayfield.

We made it through the Christmas season without so much as a peep from either side of the Mayfield-NASCAR saga. And I think it’s safe to say that is a very good thing. Not just for the fans who are sick of the saga, but for Mayfield himself.

Jeremy Mayfield went through a lot this year. His year started on such a high note when he made the Daytona 500 with his brand new team. But it was all down-hill from there in a year that included a suspension from NASCAR, flying accusations of drug usage, and skirmishes with his deranged stepmother. For six months, the two sides of the saga battled and let words fly that littered forums and silly season sites.

But when the Christmas season rolled around, all of that was put to the side. At least, for a few weeks.

We have heard nothing from either side since the eighth day of December. As it stands now, that was over three weeks ago. Since then, no accusations, no deranged trespassing stepmothers, no nothing.

Exactly what Jeremy Mayfield needed.

I will leave you with this. It truly amazes me how two parties can do battle nearly every day of the year. But when Christmas rolls around, they set aside their differences and, at the very least, leave each other alone.

There has not been much news in the NASCAR world lately. But people often say that perhaps the best news is no news at all. That seems to be the case here.

Jeremy Mayfield had a relatively quiet Christmas. And that’s exactly what he needed.

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