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Video Game NASCAR: Could the Nuff Racing League be on to Something?

Imagine a racing league where you had great side-by-side racing every week. A league that toured around to all sorts of different venues. A league that had drivers with, not only personalities, but diverse personalities. A league where the most spectacular crashes happened, and it was okay, because nobody could possibly get hurt.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? After all, right now you’d probably take a league that had just one of those things.

Well, it’s not too good to be true. In fact, it just might be too good not to be true.

If you read this blog quite often, you no doubt read this article, in which I predicted that Video Game NASCAR will rise to national prominence at some time during the next decade.

Video Game NASCAR is something I pitch every once in awhile because I believe it would be amazing. And there is a group of potential participants in the hopefully-future sport that might be on to something.

These participants race in a video game NASCAR league called the Nuff Racing League. The league is run by two people, and is operated out of the pocket of a single man. The Nuff Racing League has been around since 2007.

Over 100 drivers have raced in this league, and about 25 show up to race on a weekly basis. The drivers race a rigorous 36-race schedule, just like the real NASCAR drivers. And at the end of the year, prizes, such as trophies, video games, and even race tickets, are given out to the best drivers.

But here’s the best part. Everybody that shows up is there to win. They aren’t there to points race. They aren’t there to not crash. They are there to win.

Finding a driver to root for would be easy. Just choose the one that fits your personality.

There are a plethora of different personalities to choose from, from the wiley old veteran, to the throttle-happy youngster. From the self-loving twenty-something, to the modest college kid. From the tee-d off teenager, to the one they call “The Professor”. And I’m just getting started. 

But when these personalities clash, it is on.

These clashes result in everything from some of the most intense side-by-side racing you may ever see, to some of the most spectacular crashes you may never see. And when tensions get high, these guys have no problem telling each other how they feel.

And all of this comes from a video game racing league that doesn’t have sponsorship, exposure, or a six million-dollar check for the champion.

Can you imagine if it did?

The Nuff Racing League may be on to the greatest sport never invented. All they need is a network contract and some sponsorship help. Can you imagine if they got that? Because I can:

Every week, the Nuff Racing League follows NASCAR wherever they go. 43 specially-made racing simulators sit side-by-side. The creator of the simulators finds ways to stick all sorts of camera angles into the game so that the fans watching on television can see the action from literally every possible angle.

And then the racing starts. With no risk of injury or worse, 43 drivers lay it all on the line. They rub, beat, bang, get mad, wreck, get out of their simulators, fight, make up, and get over it. The racing goes on and it is great because there are no rules like “no bumping” or “no wrecking each other”. And at the end of the day, the best driver gets to proudly walk out of his/her simulator, enjoy the short stroll to Victory Circle, and hoist the giant trophy.

It’s just like racing in the ol’ days, except without risks. And plus a few simulators.

Call me crazy, but I think the Nuff Racing League may be on to something. All they need is a little help.

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