The Wing Will be a Thing of the Past

NASCAR is doing away with the wing on the CoT. No, this is not a typo.

A memo was sent out to crew chiefs on Friday notifying them that there will be a test held at Charlotte(Lowe’s) Motor Speedway on March 23-24 to test the hideous brick, minus the wing, plus a spoiler.

Sources say that the spoiler could replace the wing as soon as Martinsville, and that it will certainly replace the wing at some point in the near future.

It is great that NASCAR is finally reconsidering the ghastly design of its precious brainchild. The spoiler on the back will actually improve the look of the car more than what people may think, as evidenced by the new Nationwide car.

Now, all we can hope is that the racing will finally get better…

…and that they decide to do away with the front splitter next.


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  • Steve

    Hey Hopper,
    You are my first go to guy when there is something of significance going on relative to parade analysis (no, I meant NASCAR!). I totally agree that we need cars that can actually have chassis tuning done on them. The wing and the splitter are the major reasons coil binding suspensions became necessary. When those are required, basically the tires become the (front) suspension, negating most innovation and competitive advantage in the car. So parades result.

    But on another subject, we have encouraged Marc to talk on the subject of drug testing, rather than deal in personalities. It is progress, and I appreciate his knowledge and expertise. The parades begin on Valentine’s Day! My wife would go to a race with me, but having attended a few Winston Cup events in the nineties, I would feel guilty taking her to the present version, but maybe things will improve!

  • Marc

    Steve “But on another subject, we have encouraged Marc to talk on the subject of drug testing, rather than deal in personalities. It is progress, and I appreciate his knowledge and expertise.”

    Well I see progress also that being an acknowledgment that I might just know something on that subject.

    But I must say, where have I dealt with “personalities? What I have dealt with are individuals who seem to think they can read my mind in addition to making false claims on what I have written. Not to mention when asked for any quote that may prove their allegations the request is ignored.

    That said, did you and Hopper notice news that NASCAR is including a complete list of banned drugs and the complete drug policy in the 2010 rulebook issued to drivers, team owners and crew members?

    Hardly surprising but what’s interesting is a quote buried in the news release.

    “What we’ve done is taken the list of substances we provided to owners at the beginning of last year,” Steve O’Donnell said. “We’ve included that in the rulebook. We’ve also, for a clarity standpoint, included our entire policy in the rulebook for 2010 as well.

    Mayfield started the 2009 season as an owner of his team and maintained that status through the time of his first positive drug test in May.

    If that list included both banned drugs and those that could possibly create a positive test like Adderall or Alka-Seltzer Plus, as another example that pops positive for Amphetamines and Morphine [and literally dozens more] Mayfield and his lawyers have a serious problem.

    Of course he still has the problem of explaining why he was taking Adderall and completly disregarded the warning labels on the drug.