Fox Sports Robot "Cleatus"

Fox Sports Robot "Cleatus" Ready for NASCAR Season

If you’ve watched the NFL on Fox this football season, you’ve seen this lovable robot do plenty of silly things.

From his touchdown celebrations, to showing off his karate moves, and even throwing up during a post-New Years hangover, Cleatus has done it all.

But during Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints, Cleatus showed us that, even though his job as the NFL on Fox Robot may be done until September, he’s still very excited about the upcoming NASCAR season.

Cleatus can’t talk, but actions often speak louder than words. And on several occasions, Cleatus, brain-brother of Digger the Gopher, could be seen waving a checkered flag upon the network’s return from a commercial break. Signifying that NASCAR season is just weeks(2, to be exact) away.

Apparently, Cleatus heard about NASCAR’s rule changes and that they plan on letting the drivers race. The appropriately named robot seems very excited about the upcoming NASCAR season.

How about you?

Note: I looked for photos and videos of Cleatus waving the flag, but could find none. If you have any, feel free to link them and I will include them in the article. Thank you.

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