RPM's One Big Happy Family Gets Bigger

As if Richard Petty Motorsports hasn’t already endured enough merging and aligning over the past few years…

It was announced on Tuesday that the newly-expanded Front Row Motorsports team, with drivers Travis Kvapil and Kevin Conway, has agreed to an alliance with Yates Racing. Yates will transfer the owner points from his #98 and #96 cars from a year ago over to Front Row’s #37 and #38 teams, meaning that the #37 and #38 will be locked into the first 5 races of the 2010 season.

The new team will be called Front Row Motorsports with Yates Racing.

Though RPM is not directly affected by this new merger, the alliance will mean that the RPM family will be extended once again. As you may recall, RPM absorbed Yates Racing in 2009 and brought then-Yates driver Paul Menard into their fold.

Now, perhaps I was just misinformed, but I was personally under the impression that, after RPM absorbed Yates, the two teams were merged and that Yates was no longer a separate entity, but rather a part of RPM. So the fact that the Front Row/Yates merger does not directly affect RPM is a bit mind-boggling to me.

Anyway, all of these teams, plus the Wood Brothers’ race team, will be under an even greater umbrella; that of Roush-Fenway Racing. Each of these teams will be receiving technical support from Roush-Fenway, which includes the Roush/Yates engine package. Basically, all of the Ford teams will be running the same equipment, with a few minor exceptions.

In the Ford camp, or more specifically, in the Richard Petty Motorsports and Roush-Fenway Racing camps, everybody is just a part of one big happy family.

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