An Apology to Danica Patrick

I have a message for Danica Patrick and all of her fans:

I am sorry.

On Friday, I predicted that Danica would not last 10 laps in Saturday’s Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 ARCA race at Daytona. I covered my bases, and said that I may be way off base.

Boy, was I.

Patrick didn’t tear up the show. She didn’t dominate. She didn’t even lead. But the Indycar diva did something I didn’t expect her to do: Finish the race.

It didn’t end without incident;  Patrick did go for a lazy spin through the infield late in the race. But she did a good job controlling the car and navigating her way through the field afterwards, passing Motocross star Ricky Carmichael on the final lap to finish in 6th place.

Patrick’s performance was good enough to earn her a spot in this Saturday’s Nationwide race at Daytona. And while she hasn’t done enough for us(or at least, most of us) to worship the ground she walks on, I do have to give her credit. She blew my prediction out of the water.

Danica Patrick, I am sorry.

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