An Apology to Danica Patrick

I have a message for Danica Patrick and all of her fans:

I am sorry.

On Friday, I predicted that Danica would not last 10 laps in Saturday’s Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 ARCA race at Daytona. I covered my bases, and said that I may be way off base.

Boy, was I.

Patrick didn’t tear up the show. She didn’t dominate. She didn’t even lead. But the Indycar diva did something I didn’t expect her to do: Finish the race.

It didn’t end without incident;  Patrick did go for a lazy spin through the infield late in the race. But she did a good job controlling the car and navigating her way through the field afterwards, passing Motocross star Ricky Carmichael on the final lap to finish in 6th place.

Patrick’s performance was good enough to earn her a spot in this Saturday’s Nationwide race at Daytona. And while she hasn’t done enough for us(or at least, most of us) to worship the ground she walks on, I do have to give her credit. She blew my prediction out of the water.

Danica Patrick, I am sorry.

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  • Dr Wood

    I’m sure Danica doesn’t care what ‘Ben’ thinks.

  • Mary

    I’m sure she doesn’t, but at least he was man enough to say he was wrong.

  • steven

    I thought that her best shot was racing in ARCA with superior equipment. As far as Nationwide is concerned she will be in way over her head.

  • Syd

    Dude, that’s pretty cool of you to admit.

  • Angie

    A lot of men think it’s demeaning to apologize. Ben I think it’s the characteristic of a REAL man. Thank you.

  • eddie

    All I can say, I have never watched an ARCA race till last week. She’s A bad ass!!!!

  • Pat

    Think Danica has just had $ behind some excellent marketing. Does anyone remember there were five other females in the Bud Shootout where one ran THIRD a great deal and another ended up EIGHTH!
    Have you heard anything about them?!

  • Bob

    I think Danica drove a pretty good race. Yes her marketing strategy is pretty good, and getting hooked up with JR Motor sports was the best way she could get good equipment and get a real big fan backing.

  • Kilibreaux

    Interesting that some dweeb naysayer gets any sort of “billing” about an apology to Danica for being one of the many “haters” out there.
    Danica has proven herself to be a capable driver as anyone who has watched her already knows. Too bad all the redneck rubes who think “they are NASCAR” have been disappointed by Danica’s ability to step into a technologically obsolete form of car and be competitive.
    I don’t place any credence is any form of pandering apology…just some redneck creep who thinks one night Danica might be lonely and by some miracle HIS phone will ring.
    What all the carping creeps don’t seem to grasp is that Danica brings MONEY to NASCAR on a scale far exceeding the considerable sum I am sure she is earning. Just as Danica brought in a huge surge of viewers to Indycar, so to she brings the same to NASCAR…just go back and watch last Saturday’s race. MOST of the camera and commentator time was on Danica, and her sixth place finish created far more excitement and buzz than did whoever it was that “won”. Thank goodness NASCAR doesn’t make economic decisions based on what much of its “summer tooth” (some teeth here, some there, and all interlocking) audience thinks. Kudos for following Indycar in recognizing a REAL big name draw and taking steps to get her in a seat. All those never-been-heard-of drivers out there pissing and moaning about how Danica is getting special preference…yep, she sure is, and if THEY could draw the MONEY she does they might be as well!

  • Kilibreaux

    Yeah, there were five other women in that ARCA race, and like the MEN they all lacked the overall “presence” of Danica Patrick. Everyone starts out in life thinking they can be famous…that they have that certain…”je ne sais quoi” that separates those who seem destined for stardom from those who fall short. At some point we all recognize we aren’t the former and in mature fashion recognize those who are, or we become bitter…”haters” because someone else achieved what we never could. How many NASCAR fans are frustrated drivers who never made it past autobody in shop class? Macho-boys who stopped maturing at age 15 and forever presume that no mere “woman” could ever out drive them…what a bunch of losers.
    Danica has that certain something..that presence that makes HER stand out while those other five female drivers are virtually unknown–as is too most of the MALE driver field. Why not simply admit Danica is the complete package…she brings great driving skill yes, but also she brings more…the ability to make people tune in and WATCH…HER.

  • MISSU3

    Why do people think that she’s blazing the trail for women? The message she’s sending is that you better have good looks, pose in a bikini, make semi porn Go Daddy commercials and you can move right into the higher levels of NASCAR. What about the ladies like Chrissy Wallace that have raced the small tracks for years, actually learning their trade and slowly working their way up the ladder? Chrissy Wallace and a lot of other women know a whole lot more about racing a stock car but as a “media personality” hired by the #1 “media personality” she gets a pass. Don’t want her hurt, but I hope she blows an engine on Sat. early so we can concentrate on the real drivers. Oh, and by the way, I’m a 62 year old grandma who’s been watching NASCAR since I was 14.

  • Pat (Southern Grandma)

    Mike Bianchi (Orlando Sentinel) said it best today:

    “The mecca of stock car racing is purported to be the place where All-American values – striving to reach the top, hard work, getting what you EARN -
    are admired and applauded.
    NASCAR is supposed to be the sport of blue-collar,
    working class fans who prefer substance over style.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Today’S NASCAR is more about “glitz” than “grits”.
    All the “hoopla” and Danica won’t even being racing in the 500!