Fans: Johnson's Dominance is Bad for NASCAR

There is no middle ground when it comes to Jimmie Johnson. Either you love him, or you hate him.

Fans on both sides of the argument have made strong cases as to whether or not they like what Johnson has accomplished over the last 4 years. Some believe he should be celebrated, while others believe he has cheated his way to the top.

Today, however, fans were asked to answer this question: Is Jimmie Johnson’s dominance bad for the sport?

Out of the 2,000 fans that have voted on the poll so far, 69% agree that Johnson’s dominance is bad for the sport, that poor attendance and ratings for NASCAR events can be blamed on the fact that fans don’t want to see the same driver win over and over again, and that they are officially tired of Jimmie Johnson.

Now, I will say that the poll did not word that question in exactly that way. The poll, given by, was actually done as part of the site’s Head2Head feature, in which two writers debated Johnson’s dominance and its effect on the sport. The fans were then asked to vote for whom they supported, and 69% voted for the guy who believed Johnson’s dominance is bad for NASCAR.

So why might fans vote this way? Well, there are always the shallow reasons, such as “he’s boring” or “he’s from the West coast”, both of which may be accurate statements.

Then there are the deeper reasons, such as the one I gave after Johnson won his 4th straight championship last November.

So now I ask you, the fans, do you think Jimmie Johnson’s dominance is bad for NASCAR? And if so, why?

Is Jimmie Johnson's Dominance Good or Bad for NASCAR? Why?

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