Fans: Johnson's Dominance is Bad for NASCAR

There is no middle ground when it comes to Jimmie Johnson. Either you love him, or you hate him.

Fans on both sides of the argument have made strong cases as to whether or not they like what Johnson has accomplished over the last 4 years. Some believe he should be celebrated, while others believe he has cheated his way to the top.

Today, however, fans were asked to answer this question: Is Jimmie Johnson’s dominance bad for the sport?

Out of the 2,000 fans that have voted on the poll so far, 69% agree that Johnson’s dominance is bad for the sport, that poor attendance and ratings for NASCAR events can be blamed on the fact that fans don’t want to see the same driver win over and over again, and that they are officially tired of Jimmie Johnson.

Now, I will say that the poll did not word that question in exactly that way. The poll, given by, was actually done as part of the site’s Head2Head feature, in which two writers debated Johnson’s dominance and its effect on the sport. The fans were then asked to vote for whom they supported, and 69% voted for the guy who believed Johnson’s dominance is bad for NASCAR.

So why might fans vote this way? Well, there are always the shallow reasons, such as “he’s boring” or “he’s from the West coast”, both of which may be accurate statements.

Then there are the deeper reasons, such as the one I gave after Johnson won his 4th straight championship last November.

So now I ask you, the fans, do you think Jimmie Johnson’s dominance is bad for NASCAR? And if so, why?

Is Jimmie Johnson's Dominance Good or Bad for NASCAR? Why?

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  • Sue

    I think it’s funny all of the whining out there. If their driver was winning things would be different. I love the 48 team…they win fair and square.

    Go get ‘em Jimmie and the 48 team!

  • steven

    Anyone who has won 4 championships deserves a ton of respect. On the other hand we have Danifraud, someone who should be in ARCA. What next, is Donald Trump going to buy a Nascar ride? Or will Nascar’s ratings go up if the drivers’ girlfriends start fighting in the pits?

  • P.J.

    NASCAR’S problems are a lot greater than the fallout from continuous wins by the 48 Team.

    The concept of NASCAR racing is diseased, and there is no cure in sight.

    Death is inevitable……..

  • CD

    Statistically Jimmie is one of the most successful NASCAR drivers of all time. That can’t be argued.

    However, no driver has the following and support of all the fans. When driver “A” wins a race or a championship the fans of drivers “B” through “Z” will not be satisfied. If driver “A” wins many races and consecutive championships the “B” through “Z” fans may become angry and ultimately disillusioned enough to stop paying attention. This is not good for any sport.

    You can substitute any driver for driver “A” in the example above and the same would hold true. If Dale Jr. won as much as Jimmie has including the championships there would be a ton of 88 fans happy with the result. Those of us who like a different driver would feel the same way about Jr. as they do about Jimmie.

    If NASCAR was smart they would want the championship rotating through the “B” through “Z” drivers on a regular basis with only the very rare repeat champion. This would hold the attention of the largest amount of fans and satisfy the majority of them at the same time.

    My suggestion is that they tweak the Chase tracks each year so the format does not cater to any one driver’s strengths. To start I would get rid of Charlotte, Martinsville, Fontana and Dover and replace them with Bristol, Michigan, Infeon and Chicago. Then we could move on from there.

  • dennis heckman

    We should band him,along with the new york yankees,florida gators,oh yea micheal phelps to there all winners oh i mean losers to.

  • jeff muehlman

    he’s associated with hendrick isnt he…ill be shocked if he doesnt get caught eventually for cheating….rick h almost went to jail over honda scam….only his illness and miracle recovery..ha ha ha….saved him…this guy is a wealthy two ways

  • Rick

    Interesting poll question on home page. What does JJ’s win mean. Well, it means big money wins races or at least allows one to run up front. I like JJ & that’s a quality organization, but I’m tired of the same old result week after week season after season. How cool was it watching the Saints win the super bowl. See what I mean! Hendrick(less Jr.), Gibbs, Roush, Childress. After that it’s all field fillers. Boring and I won’t be clearing my schedule to watch any races soon.

  • Wacker

    I would have to agree with most, when it is said that J.J. is an outstanding driver. Every NASCAR driver has the opportunity to become great, and there is no rule that NASCAR has bent, broken, or looked past, by the 48 team. They just do a great job consistantly each week, and as a Tony Stewart fan which I am, it becomes frustrating to see J.J. always so dominant. But…. he earns it, and had the same chance as everyone else that started the race that day. Good job goes out to Chad Knaus, and the 48 team, but… GO SMOKE!!!!

  • chris nelson

    jimmie is the greatest in nascar

  • chris nelson

    i think it would be great if he won another championship

  • Rick Warren

    Well they have finnaly done it I quit Nascar has turned into WWE of racing. It is easy to see that there is some sort of advantage given to the # 48. With all of the specs required by Nascar there is no way one car or team could win that much. I was a nascar fan for over 30 years but no longer. Maybe some day some one will start another true stock car organization.

  • Sue

    Bye Rick…Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye…all of Jimmie (48) fans unite and as in Jimmie’s words “Hell with ‘em” on the naysayers.

  • James Harrison

    I agree with wacker. I like the hendrick team. Gordon is my driver. I will never fallout because of jimmie or any other driver wins more races. It is a great challege for the other drivers to accomplish. And if you have been watching like I have, there r many drivers outthere that run better than what I or anyone else would have comsidered. I bet they r proud to have came in the top 10 or top 5 behind or in front of sone of the greats in nascar. My thought is stop whining. I started liking gordon from 1994 and still love to watch him race. Even if he loses to Jimmie. Better luck next race. Can’t wait…..

  • Sue

    James..I’m a JJ fan for sure but I like Jeff and Mark too. I can’t understand why Jeff’s crew chief took 2 tires when I’m sure he knew Chad would take 4. Jeff had an awesome car..I would have been happy with him winning too.

  • http://msn bob anderson

    I am glad that johnson is winning races and championships, if it wasnt for that the fox(earnhardt) channel wont cover anybody else in the races.

  • Tony

    Jimmy’s winning streak of 4 championships in my opinion is a result of the chase format. There is now way anyone will ever convince me that he is that much better of driver to accomplish what no other driver before the chase was able to do. Way too much history. With that said, he is better than anyone else in this era but shouldnt be considered the best of all time. Please!!!

  • DaWabbitt

    SOUR GRAPES,ALWAYS THE SOUR GRAPES, SOMEONES LITTLE LOSER DIDN’T WIN! DALE Jr, the fans favorite the media calls him, what the hell has he done in years now? I think he has forgot how to drive, or totally lost the will to do so! All the others should drive if they expect to win, or continue to get what they deserve,last place! Jimmie is not killing nascar, nascar is doing that! If the other drivers would stick to their racing program and stay away from the “UP COMING KIDS RACES”,like Nationwide where they jump in and take the prize money from the new up coming drivers they could perfect their trade(SPRINT CUP)! I would not be surprised to see many of the cup drivers down in the “GO CARTS” running to win the childrens milk and cookies prises!They know the competition is less and gives them easy wins, huh “HARVICK,EDWARDS,ETC! GREED IS ALL IT IS!LOL

  • Mort B

    Hendrick is nothing but greed. pure and simple, I want it all attitude. Hendrick IS Nascar!
    If Nascar wants this trend to continue, you can bet the farm the fan base will dwindle down to zicha. I, for one, have been losing interest in watching the last 3 yrs because of this crap. When Bill Elliot was dubbed Millon Dollar Bill after his domination and speed of 212 at ‘daga….Nascar said…”gee, we gotta slow him down”
    But yet nowadays they let Hendrick/Johnson dominate year after year after year, so I ask you: “hows is that fair” to the rest of the field.

    Nascar needs the fan base to pay the bills…sponsorship doesn’t cut it. Is that what Nascar wants? This rerun crap year after year, same driver….its getting old and fast. So they sit there and scratch their heads, can’t figure it out. Is that what Johnson wants? For fans to turn on him and the sport?

    I’ve heard from friends that have gone to a Nascar race for the first time, saying they were glad they went, but they’ll never go back to another one. Get a clue Nascar.

  • miles

    who got tried of the Pats when they won all of those superbowls? I did! the problem with nascar is there is know other race to watch with our favorite team in it. Personally I’ve gotten so frustrated with the whole mess that I would rather watch the news, it’s less depressing

  • http://[email protected] Randall Dahms

    Ok I love nascar and I watch every event on tv but I will tell you that every week that Johnson wins is making me consider not to watch any more.I think that rick Hendrick should switch car chief on Dale 88 with chad and give Johnson dales. or even better yet move Johnson to Dales cars and give Dale jimmys. It has always been that way at Hendrick that one car never will run good. Dale get the junk.

  • Sheri

    Racing…competition…Fans DO NOT want one driver winning every race! What is the enjoyment of watching the “DREAM TEAM”….I am so sick of them!!!! THere are other great drivers and teams besides Lowes. It is just like when Gordon won every race….I and every other fan QUIT watching and going! NO Jimmie…we do not like domination especially from you! Nascar please do something or you might as well call it “Jimmie and Chad racing show”

  • Stan

    I just want to say that in my 35 years of watching Nascar
    I have seen many things,but you can’t help but wonder about the Hendricks Teams.No one has been that lucky in 35 plus years. I’m not sure it luck.I believe that Nascar needs to take long look at themselves and see what the fans are seeing.I know Jimmie is a great driver,but I question the cars.I too lost interest as of late.Now I find myself watching the American Drag Racing League.

  • topteck

    Somebody else has to step up to the plate, ya I am sure they are cheaping somehow but until someone else figures it out this guy will countinue to win races. The same thing has happened before but not for so long usually somebody figures out something but this crappy car, and crappy track design seem to favour JJ’s drivin style. Sorry but somebody has to pour buckets of money into a program to figure this out, and soon I would rather watch curling now then a 1.5 mile race.

  • Paul

    It’s a fact that the 48 crew chief is a known cheater and it’s just a matter of time for Nascar to find out what he’s doing now. No one car can be that dominate without some cheating going on.

  • DaWabbitt

    Jimmie Johnson is only doing what all the others should be doing.”RACING”! Chad is a crew chief and a damn smart one, what are the others doing? If the other teams keep whinning the “FIVE IN A ROW ” WILL SOON BE REALTY! If that kills Nascar, maybe it’s time to kill it! Looks like there are only a half dozen real drivers/teams left in the business! DALE Sr, junior johnson,Allison,Yarborough,Petty, Fireball Roberts,Flock etc etc would eat these premadonna kids alive , much like Jimmie is doing right now!

  • rick

    because toyota was so dominant in nationwide series instaed of making the big 3 work smarter, NASCAR made toyota dumber by handicapping them in the nationwide series. what’s the diffrenece in that and the dominance of hendrick teams. France has NO CLUE and it just goes to show there is favoritism. FRANCE (NASCAR) DOES NOT HAVE THE GUTS to make hendrick teams dumber.

  • Whatley

    I’m not a JJ fan. Actually, I was, from his rookie year up until about 3 years ago. He was a fresh face with a LOT of ability. Made a big impression on me. But, it’s now too predictable, especially at the 1.5′s. To those of you that cry about “cheating”, King Richard said years ago “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t racing”. There’s a book I have titled “Cheaters” and it’s all about what has gone on in NASCAR through the years. ALL teams have done it or tried to!! IMO,the Hendricks team is smarter, and the drivers that don’t have a “perfect” car on raceday are afraid to “drive it like they stole it”.

  • ESchanz69

    I think the continues dominance of one driver week after week is boring. I would like to see other drivers win, besides Jimmie. Whether it be the 24 or the 18 I wouldn’t want to see the same thing week in & week out. NASCAR really needs to take a hard look at this. Its boring & predictable. Year after year everbody has some issue with their car but Jimmie. He is the only driver I know that can get faster on older tires, his car never falls off.

  • Sue

    ESchanz69 really???? Have you forgotten Daytona??? Jimmie had trouble and finished 35th. Give me a break. the 48 team works for what they get. They aren’t into the truck or nationwide series they are focused on the sprint cup. Maybe others oughta do the same. Racing is a business and who in their right mind will say “Hmm I think I’ll just go out for a joy ride today so I don’t piss people off” Go 48 and never mind all the whinny brats out there that think somethings gotta be up. What’s hilarious is what I’m reading to give Jr the 48 car and Chad…that’s funny…if he can’t win it’s always somebody else’s fault. The people that say that really wants Chad to fail. It’s a relationship with the team they work well and communicate well. I say get someone else for the 88 car.

  • rcall31060

    NASCAR….a division of Hendrick Motor Sports.

  • Greg

    The 48 car domination isn’t great for NASCAR right now, but will be when they finally get beat! By a domestic nameplate that is. Have you seen the HBO stuff on Johnson? Jimmy and Chad are freakin’ robots! They both remind me of that Egghead kid on Foghorn and Leghorn. They can just figure stuff out that no one else can right now. I don’t think new rules or different racetracks will cause them to slow down, they will just adjust. The rest of the teams just have to pick it up. OR, maybe the other drivers should take turns taking him out!

  • jim drew

    Nascar – 2010 – Boring! I loved to watch the sport on sundays – now I fall asleep in my chair. Changes have to take place, more and more of my friends have stopped watching. The announcers can’t find anything to say. Boring!

  • Kent

    I don’t have anything against Johnson, the guy has figured out how to rob a bank legally and he’s haulin out the loot by the millions. I do remember years ago when NASCAR wasn’t like watching the same color paint dry every week that if one brand won to often the rules got changed in a hurry ask Bill Elliott. Not any more, the sport has turned into the Hendrick cup and NASCAR is perfectly content to have the same outcome every week. Any time GM wasn’t competitive in the past NASCAR was figuring a way handycap the others, now that GM wins every time out NASCAR does nothing, guess they got what they want. For the the life of me I don’t know why the other manufacturer’s participant in this sham. So like thousands of other ex-fans I choose to turn it off.

  • rick

    i was a tony stewart fan, i was REALLY disappointed when he went with hendrick (for the most part) and these announcers saying what a great job tony has done. come DW, mac, hammond grow a set a tell it like it is stewat-haas is just another hendrick team. i give henadrick alot credit thier group has out engineered the rest of nascar, but toyota did the same thing and they got handicapped in the nationwide series. WAY TO GO FRANCE, that’s almopst fair. GO SHRUB and MARCOS

  • RB

    Take Chad away from Jimmie and see how many wins he can get!!!!!!!!!!!
    How can his crew complete a four tire change faster than other team?
    Could Jimmie have won the championship last year without the 10 point difference in the chase?

  • http://foxsports Chris Neikirk

    The whole problem with NASCAR is that it has become B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!The sameness of the cars,the restrictor plates,the multi-templates.Let the damn guys race.when they start hurting themselves they will figure out how to de-tune.I have tried to watch racing for the last couple of years in non-football season but it just sucks….same crap every week.Whats next the Lunesta 500 of the Ambien 400???Nascar much like congress have legislated themselves into a corner.

  • ken h

    The rest of the teams should just stay home. I they cannot disect the 48 team and figure out how to beat them. They are all second class. Kyle busch’s best shot was with Steve A.

  • robert garcia

    just think of him as michael jordon he good at his sport go jj

  • robert

    Nascar has the flu, it’s call Danica and Jimmie.
    Sure, the ladies love Jimmie, and there are plenty of bandwagoners who love the guy…
    Danica? Too much hype. How many cars is she gonna tear up? Oh well, Jr has plenty of cash, it won’t run out soon.
    Too much Danica hype, too much Jimmie winning, is not a good combination for the sport.

  • Don

    The JJ dominance is not new. As a track announcer for some 20 years, I have seen JJ’s all over the midwest. Race track owners and promoters have seen attendance go down, competitors go to other tracks, sponsors leaving and eventually another lock goes on the gate. Fans are fans no matter where they race and they like rivalry, not dominance.

    There are no rivalries today in NASCAR. Second place on back is not a rivalry. Petty-Pearson, Earnhart-Waltrip, they put people in the stands. If sponsors see people, they spend.

    I believe that in NASCAR’s attempt to create equality, they have created a one headed monster. So why not do what the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) does. The top 4 finishers are subject to motor or car claim by the track. The motors/cars are then sold to the highest bidder. It certainly takes cheating out of the picture and it does wonders for competition and cost control.

  • Susan

    My currrent plan for the rest of the season is to record the races. If someone other than Jimmie Johnson wins the race I will go back and watch it. If Jimmie wins, I will hit the delete button. I have too many things to do to sit around watching something that has the same result every week. I will tell you how bad it has gotten – I can’t stand Kyle Busch. He is a spoiled brat who has a maturity level somewhere below the level my nephew had when he was two years old and Kyle sets an incredibly bad example for young people but at this point, I would almost rather see him win a race. At least it would be something different.

  • Sue

    again I say: Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye…all of Jimmie (48) fans unite and as in Jimmie’s words “Hell with ‘em” on the naysayers.

  • Dan

    I used to have people come over to watch the race. Those people have lost interest over the course of the last 2-3 years. WE blame the crazy penalties are unequal, same 3 or 4 drivers win and the same driver wins overall every year. If you were a driver in any race car event what are the odds of you beating 42 other drivers weekly? And winning the championship year after year? Something isn’t quite right !! My friends and I got BORED with it and no longer watch it. Every couple weeks or so now I might read a headline. Now my Sunday afternoons are free,

  • Steve

    Johnson and Kyle Busch win every race. It gets extremely old extremely quick. Add that to Johnson and Busch having next to no personality as sports characters and NASCAR is almost unwatchable.

    • Laura

      I agree with Jimmie not having much of a personality but Kyle Busch?

      JJ and Kyle wish they won as much as you think they do. :)

      Who’s your driver, Steve?

  • Jayhawk29

    Johnson is only a 2 time champion under the original points system- 2006 & 2009 ( ref. Check it out yourself.

    Kevin Harvick is the TRUE 2010 champion defeating Gordon by 230 points. NASCAR needs to fix the system back to what it was and put an asterik* next to J.J. when referring to cup championships. Johnson is does NOT and will never have the greatness of Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt.