Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Doesn't Say Much

As NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is known for many things. Some good; some, not so much.

Besides his mediocre driving, Earnhardt takes flack from NASCAR fans in one very obvious area: His interviews.

Sure, some fans say he’s “real”. But most say he’s uneducated, or even dumb. I don’t believe that’s true. Even though Earnhardt may sound unintelligent in his on-camera stammering, perhaps not saying much is the smartest thing for Earnhardt to do.

It’s been over 5 years since Earnhardt was penalized 25 points by NASCAR for using a word most kids are not allowed to hear, while standing in Victory Lane at Talladega Superspeedway. Apparently, Earnhardt has learned his lesson: If you can’t say something nice, keep blabbering on about nothing until the cameras are turned off.

But in an interview with Foxsports.com’s Mark Kriegel, Earnhardt turned candid. Some of the remarks used may be why Earnhardt doesn’t say much to the cameras. He’s trying to avoid getting penalized again.

When asked about what he would have done had his father not gone into racing, Earnhardt replied:

“I’d have probably done what he did … I followed him into racing ‘cause I thought his a– was cool.
If he was a plumber and I thought he was the baddest mother——, I probably would’ve been a plumber. You want to do what they did because you think they’re kick a–.”

 When talking about his workout regimen, Earnhardt says:

“I go in spurts. My d— schedule makes it difficult to have any kind of regularity.”

Finally, when asked if making the Chase was a reasonable goal for Earnhardt in 2010, Earnhardt answered:

“Sure, absolutely. It’s pretty f—— easy to make the Chase.”

So maybe that’s why Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t have much to say in on-camera interviews. NASCAR makes you pay for saying stuff like that on-camera, whether it be money(which Earnhardt has enough of) or points(which Earnhardt doesn’t have nearly enough of).

And, as the old Earnhardt Family saying goes, “If you can’t say something nice, keep blabbering on about nothing until the cameras are turned off.”

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