Memo to NASCAR: Don't Change a Thing(Except the Wing)

After Sunday’s horrifying crash involving Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski, it’s easy for us to sit back and say that NASCAR should draw a line and tighten the reins on the drivers so that nobody gets hurt.

Before NASCAR decides to do anything drastic, I have a message for them:

Don’t change a thing, except for the wing.

Stay the course. The fans demanded you to let the drivers have at it, and on Sunday, they got what they wanted. Yes, it was scary. But in a few weeks, the thing that caused the problem won’t be a problem anymore.

Carl Edwards was wrong in what he did. But the wing is the sole reason Keselowski’s car went over. By the time we get to the next high-speed track, that thing will be gone. And any further incidents like this will result in much less severe accidents, unless they occur on a restrictor plate track.

NASCAR, stick to your guns here. Remember, the fans whined about the racing being too dangerous last year when Edwards went in the fence. And when you tightened the reins further, the racing flat-out sucked. Don’t make that same mistake again. In a few weeks, the problem will have sorted itself out, and everything will be fine. We’ll have safe, but great racing.

NASCAR, in spite of what happened on Sunday, don’t change a thing. Except the wing.

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