Tony Stewart snubbing fans at AMS. Taken by Jackie Montedonico

Tony Stewart Should be Nicer to His Fans

No athlete has ever made it to the top without the help of his fans. Tony Stewart is no exception.

Unfortunately, he’s forgotten that.

Most NASCAR drivers will take the time out of their hectic schedule to pose for pictures and sign autographs for fans. While it may not be a huge deal for the drivers, as a fan, the fact that those guys are willing to take the time for you can really make you feel good. Guys like Kasey Kahne, Denny Hamlin, and Clint Bowyer are more than willing to spend a moment or two with the fans of the sport.

Sadly, one of NASCAR’s biggest stars doesn’t do that. 2-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart has calmed down in the public eye, but when the cameras are turned off, it’s the same ol’ Tony.

I have had the chance to see Tony in person twice, and both times, he snubbed both myself and the small crowd of die-hard fans around me. When I say small, I mean about 10 or 15 people who aren’t being pushy, but are simply asking nicely if Tony will take just 2 minutes out of his schedule to pose for a picture or sign an autograph.

Such a small gesture could make someone’s life complete. Believe me, I know. But it’s just not worth Tony’s time.

I’ve heard other stories like mine. Several fans have had trouble getting Tony to take any time with them. I’ve even heard many horror stories about how Tony has cussed at children before, telling them to “Eff off” when they ask politely for his autograph.

I know he’s a champion in a major sport, but that does not give him the right to be like that. Darrell Waltrip is a three-time champion, and he’s the most awesome guy you could ever meet. Ricky Carmichael has won several AMA Supercross championships, and he’s as affable as the next guy. Indianapolis 500 champion Sam Hornish Jr. is awesome, and Daytona 500 winner Ryan Newman is more than happy to take the time to please a few fans.

But Tony Stewart? Uh-uh.

It’s sad, really. I’d like to be able to cheer for Stewart. He seems like a decent guy on camera. But when the cameras are turned off, the fans are like dirt to him. Unfortunately, guys like Kevin Harvick and Jamie McMurray, believe it or not, are of the same mindset, just not to that extent. God created all men to be equal. But sadly, Tony Stewart doesn’t see things that way.

Tony Stewart should be nicer to his fans.

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  • Steve

    Refresh my memory, isn’t Tony the guy who was put on that joke called probation for the rest of the year when he grabbed and threw someone’s camera at Indy? And Ben, seeing as you have access to a lot of information, it would be instructional for you to document all drivers who have been put on probation, the reason, the duration of the probation, and whether anyone was disciplined for further violations of the probationary terms. I will bet that the number is in the shape of an egg. What if Carl deliberately spins someone at Bristol? I bet they will double his penalty and put it up to 6 races. What a cruel charade! I have read other columns where people have actually talked to Brad, and he is the type young gun NASCAR needs to revitalize the sport! Young, hungry, aggressive and most of the time he does not go over the line with specific stated intent to wreck someone! As Carl said, we all have our code, and his is disgusting. His attitude is, I’m a millionaire driver driving for a multi-millionaire owner, so when I want the lane you are in, lift, brake, and if you get spun by the car behind you, tough! “I DESERVE to have you inferior subjects bow to MY needs!” And if you don’t, “vengeance is mine”, because I am your Lord.

  • jay

    I have spoke to several people who have said the same thing about Tony Stewart. They said the guy is a jerk. One guy told me he was there with his kid and tried to get an autogragh, but Tony blew him off and a minute later some nice looking blond with big boobs walks up to him and he’s posing for pictures and giving her an autograph. Real nice guy. Where would he be without his fans. I can’t believe he wouldn’t give a little kid an autograph.

  • Jim

    Tony and Kevin are idiots, this is new. I don’t like either one, but quit crying and stop asking them

  • Jay

    Jim, we are talking about kids here. These drivers are there heroes. These drivers should go out of there way to sign autographs for little kids.

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  • Cheryl

    Blah blah blah I get tired of hearing the same old song and dance. The story about the kid has gone around every sports website out there. Who cares if he signs autographs what are you going to do with it anyway? Show it to your friends and gloat maybe sell it on ebay. I don’t hang around and try to get autographs because it is stupid and you are putting that person above yourself and saying that they are better than you. Have you ever asked a friend for an autograph you see them all the time wouldn’t you like to have it if something bad were to happen to them as a rememberance of the time that you shared together?

  • Jay

    Hello Cheryl, Your right about the autograph. The autograph is not that important. What’s important is that these drivers are little kids heroes, someone they can look up to and maybe start racing because Tony Stewart is racing and they want to be a Tony Stewart someday. Kids are allowed to have dreams and goals, that’s why you have heroes to motivate you to be like them. My point is that if a kid is standing there waiting to meet Tony Stewart, at least walk over and say hello to the kid. That means everything to that kid. Dont just blow the kid off like he wasn’t even there and then a minute later some nice looking blonde walks up with big boobs and he spends 5 minutes with her taking pictures and autographs. That’s not right, as a matter of fact, that’s pretty rotten.

  • Cheryl

    Jay I agree with that he could take a few minutes to talk to the kids. If he snubbs little kids then that is just wrong. I know when I went to Dover Kurt Busch’s pit crew snubbed my son all he wanted was a quick picutre it would have taken them 5 seconds. Now maybe they were afraid that if they stopped for one picture they would have been surrounded but they could have at least said that they didn’t have time right now.