Hot or Not: Bristol

The boys of NASCAR out-drove the weather in Thunder Valley. So who rolled like the thunder at Bristol, and who got struck by lightning? We’ve got you covered!

Hot: Jimmie Johnson. Three wins in the first five races? Not too bad I guess. As Darrell Waltrip would say, “It’s deja vu all over again!”

Not: Kasey Kahne. Kahne complained of brake problems throughout the race. What Kenny Francis should’ve told him was, “Don’t worry, Bud(pun intended). We switched to Ford, not Toyota.”

Hot: Tony Stewart. Smoke has been fairly hot most of the year. So after his second place finish at Bristol, I guess it was time to include him in the fun.

Not: Clint Bowyer. His engine was hot, but Bowyer was not. Much like Northern Iowa in March. Wait, they beat the Jayhawks?!?!?

Hot: Roush-Fenway Racing. How’s this for solid: Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth have finished in the top 10 in every race this season. And how about Carl Edwards, finishing 6th and beating Brad Keselowski(relax, I don’t mean that literally).

Not: David Reutimann. Reuti’s going to be really good this year… as soon as he can get his motor to last for a full race.

Hot: Kurt Busch. Another solid run for the Miller Man. Could Kurt be the guy to challenge J.J. for the top spot this year?

Not: Joe Gibbs’ Tires. Three cars. Three blown tires. Kyle Busch rebounded to a 9th place finish, but Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin took more hard hits in the points this week.

Hot: Dale Earnhardt Jr. He may not entirely be “back”, per say. But Junior is running well, as he earned his second top 10 of the season at Bristol.

Not: Mark Martin. Remember that ARCA driver that replaced Martin at Atlanta? Well, he subbed for Mark again this week, but they forgot to tell him that, when you have a flat tire, you’re supposed to slow down going into the corner to avoid hitting other cars and causing a big pileup.

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  • Jamerson

    Ummm… we must’ve been watching different races. I didn’t see Mark Martin hit anyone. Biffle lost it and ran him into the wall, and then half the field comes off the corner and plows into him. How was any of that Mark’s fault?